How to Disable Bing Web Search in Windows 11
Oct 12, 2023 1:00 PM

How to Disable Bing Web Search in Windows 11

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Seamlessly Disable Bing Web Search in Your Windows 11 Start Menu with Expert Guide

Users who have recently upgraded to Windows 11 might have noticed an unanticipated aspect of the user interface: Bing Web Search. Britec Tech Tips has recently released a YouTube tutorial that guides users on how to disable Bing Web Search in the Windows 11 Start Menu. This change can declutter the user interface and potentially speed up your system.

For more information on using Windows 11 or similar Microsoft Search features, you may refer to official Microsoft guides or visit online forums. Being aware of such changes early on can help users customize their operating system to best suit their needs.

In summary, though the inclusion of Bing Web Search in the Windows 11 Start Menu can be useful for some, there are reasons that one might want to disable it. Britec Tech Tips provides a clear guide on doing so in its recent YouTube video.

Setting in the Window Regeditor

There are some instructions on the Internet on how to disable the Bing search, like in the article mentioned above, at HowToGeek or at the colleagues from I took a look at the topic on my test machine and quickly realized that the instructions are incomplete and do not work in certain scenarios. They simply require working with a user account from the administrators group.
Disabling Bing search via registry editor
To disable Bing Search from the Windows 10 2004 Start menu, follow these steps.
  • 1. start the registry editor regedit.exe via Run as administrator and confirm the security prompt of the user account control.
  • 2. navigate to the key mentioned below and add the new entry.
The required registry key can be found in the branch Display
of the current user account. In a standard installation, however, the Explorer key is missing and must first be created via context menu Then the key is to be selected by double-clicking in the registry editor.
Then in the Explorer key add the DWORD 32-bit value DisableSearchBoxSuggestions via context menu and set it to 1. This should disable ads like installing Chromium Edge or hits from the Internet on search queries. The key prevents searching via the Internet, which should also improve performance.


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