Online Educational Resources for Teaching Teams
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Sep 27, 2023 3:33 PM

Online Educational Resources for Teaching Teams

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Unlock digital learning potential with expert Microsoft resources- Guides for Immersive Reader, Translate, Office Lens, and more!

In this blog post penned by Miss Aird Teach, she affirms her affection for employing technology within the learning environment to assist in student enhancement. As a part of Team MIEE Scotland, she shares her experience with like-minded educators who are enthusiastic about digital technology.

Technology, she asserts, proves to be invaluable for all, and for some, it is indispensable!

A showcase of her collection of digital learning resources is presented in this blog post, among which Immersive Reader is seen to enhance reading proficiency and comprehension. It introduces features like Read Aloud and adjustable reading preferences.

  • Microsoft Translator is found useful for bridging communication gaps, particularly for Modern Language students who need to practice speaking fluently.
  • Office Lens, Microsoft's note and information capturing app from various textual sources, is also recommended.
  • Microsoft's Dictation that converts speech into text, useful during content authoring in Office with a reliable internet connection and a microphone.
  • Live captioning and subtitle translation service provided by Microsoft are discussed, emphasizing their broad language support including English.
  • A handful of digital accessibility tools are unfolded through a presentation shared by Miss Aird Teach.
  • Reading Coach's function of providing personalized, independent practice of mispronounced words for students is detailed.
  • Students' real-time search query coaching, reliability ratings and interactive filtering support services are shown.
  • Students are coached in effective public speaking through Speaker Coach, which analyses pacing, pitch, informal speech etc and provide feedback.
  • Math Solver offers step-by-step solutions for math problems.
  • Microsoft's Task management cloud-based app, To Do, is recommended as a daily planner or a professional task manager.
  • Teachers can utilize the OneNote Class Notebook for their organizational needs.
  • Edge browser's suite of tools that can foster creativity, teamwork, and provide a safe experience for education.
  • A quick mention is about Bing Chat's ability to assist in asking complex queries and finding comprehensive answers and getting summarized information.

Role of Technology in Education

Technology plays a pivotal role in pedagogy by bridging the communication gap, offering personalized learning solutions, enabling collaborative tasks, and much more. Utilizing Microsoft's extensive suite of digital learning resources, educators can create a dynamic teaching environment and students can take control of their learning process. From everyday tasks to complex problem solving, there is a tool for everyone to make learning an enriching experience.

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Teams - Online Educational Resources for Teaching Teams

Learn about Digital Learning and Teaching Resources for Teams

The significance of the utilization of digital technology within educational contexts cannot be overstated. From streamlining the teaching process to facilitating enhanced learning experiences for students, digital tools are becoming increasingly integral in education. As a strong enthusiast of technology within these settings, I am an active member of MIEE Scotland, a thought-leading collective of educators united in our passion for digital technology.

While technology can prove invaluable to all, its importance becomes paramount for some. Addressing this, I've compiled an array of resources, providing insight and practical guidance on useful teaching tools like Michigan virtual tools, tech-based teaching aids, and inclusive technology.

This comprehensive guide features numerous useful tools, such as:

  • The application known as Immersive Reader, which can elevate reading skills and comprehension with the help of features such as Read Aloud and adjustable text preferences.
  • Translator, a tool that bridges language divides, allowing modern language students to refine their fluency.
  • Whiteboard capturing application Office Lens.
  • Speech-to-Text, a technology that enables content authoring in Office via voice dictation.
  • Live Captions guide that explicates Microsoft's live captioning and subtitle translation offerings in various languages, including English.

Also included in the guide are:

  • Handy tools like Class Notebook, a digital notetaking app for educators.
  • Microsoft Edge, a browser that comes packed with tools to boost creativity, foster collaboration, and ensure a safe browsing experience.
  • Bing Chat, a feature integrated into Microsoft Edge's sidebar, which presents users with exhaustive answers to their complex questions.

The guide also puts the spotlight on a number of essential Microsoft tools:

  • Reading Progress' tool Reading Coach, which offers personalized practice for vocabulary that students might struggle with.
  • A Planner that enables collaboration on group tasks.
  • An application named Math Solver, which helps solve math problems with step-by-step tutorials.
  • Microsoft's task management cloud-based app, To Do.

Additional tools in the guide offer unique functionalities:

  • Flip, a free video discussion and sharing application.
  • Microsoft Editor, a tool that can enhance students' written communication skills and assist teachers in paper grading.
  • A tool to coach effective speaking techniques, appropriately named Speaker Coach.

This comprehensive guide should answer all your questions about utilizing digital technology within a teaching context. For further learning and teaching resources, don't hesitate to check out my latest posts. These tools make digital learning not just a possibility, but a smooth and exciting reality.

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