Why Citizen Development Struggled with Power Platform
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Apr 26, 2024 2:14 PM

Why Citizen Development Struggled with Power Platform

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Explore How the Power Platform Evolved Beyond Citizen Development - A Microsoft Experts Insight

Key insights´

  • Power Platform evolved beyond Microsoft's initial vision, becoming a superior platform for Citizen Developers.
  • A survey indicated a close comparison between the Power Platform and traditional tools like Excel and Access, revealing its user-friendly nature.
  • Power Apps and Flow (Power Automate) were the foundational elements, easing the transition from shadow IT solutions to structured, low-code environments.
  • The platform facilitated rapid development and deployment of solutions, akin to sharing Excel workbooks, but it encountered scalability issues in larger organizations.
  • Microsoft responded to the growth ceiling by introducing significant changes like improved DLP, pipelines, tenant admin reporting, and managed environments, targeting broader adoption in large companies.

Further Insight into the Power Platform’s Evolution

The Power Platform, initially seen as an update to traditional office solutions like Excel, has grown into a comprehensive tool for Citizen Developers. By integrating familiar syntax through PowerFX and emphasizing a low-code approach, Microsoft democratized app development, enabling users at all skill levels to create and deploy business solutions rapidly. However, as the platform encountered scalability issues within larger organizations, driven by concerns over governance, security, and management,

Microsoft embarked on a path of robust enhancements.

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Power Platform - Why Citizen Development Struggled with Power Platform


People also ask

What is the power platform for citizen development?

The Power Platform is an integrated suite comprising Power BI, Power Apps, Power Automate, Power Pages, and Power Virtual Agents. This suite significantly empowers organizations by enabling citizen developers, who are typically not well-versed in coding, to craft custom solutions without the necessity of having traditional programming skills.

What is the value of citizen development?

Citizen development plays a crucial role in simplifying business processes. Whether dealing with straightforward or intricate processes, organizations are in constant pursuit of methods to streamline operations. Citizen development fosters ease in managing business processes, enhances fluidity within work environments, and facilitates robust communication across various departments.

Why is citizen developer important?

The essence of citizen development lies in its capability to expedite the development time of automation and alleviate the workload on IT departments. It empowers business users to create and implement automations through the use of low-code or no-code tools, eliminating the necessity to engage professional developers to leverage the benefits of automation fully.

What is the citizen development model?

The citizen development model is a strategic business framework that authorizes employees, who lack formal programming skills (referred to as citizen developers), to develop applications that are crucial for their business operations. Utilizing no-code or low-code platforms, a citizen developer can design and implement applications. The designation 'citizen developer' refers to a user profile rather than a specific job title.



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