Integrate Mistral & Power Platform for Enhanced AI Capabilities
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Mar 2, 2024 6:32 PM

Integrate Mistral & Power Platform for Enhanced AI Capabilities

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Unlock Mistral Large LLM on Azure: Seamless Power Platform Integration Tutorial

Key insights


  • Discover how to deploy Mistral Large, a state-of-the-art Large Language Model (LLM), on Azure OpenAI Studio and integrate it with Power Platform for enhanced chat completion capabilities.
  • Learn to create an Azure AI Hub Resource, develop an AI project, and deploy the Mistral Large Model for querying and integration with Power Automate via HTTP action.
  • Understand how to engage in history context-aware conversations using Mistral Large with Power Platform, demonstrating the model's knowledge in writing Power Automate expressions and differentiating cloud from desktop flows.
  • Gain insights into deploying Mistral Large as a service with pay-as-you-go billing through Azure AI Studio, offering advanced reasoning and knowledge capabilities in multiple languages, including code generation and review.
  • Explore using chat API to consume the Mistral Large model services, highlighting deployment prerequisites, model consumption via API, and understanding response schemas for chat completion results.

Exploring Mistral Large on Azure OpenAI Studio

The integration of Mistral Large on Azure OpenAI Studio heralds a new era in leveraging artificial intelligence models within cloud and enterprise environments. This advanced Large Language Model (LLM) boasts exceptional reasoning and knowledge capabilities, making it ideal for various language-based tasks. Its specialization in coding and multilingual support ensures that users can apply it across diverse scenarios, from code generation and review to language translation.



Mistral AI

What is Mistral AI?

  • An initiative focused on open-source large language models (LLMs).
  • Believes in the power of open-source for AI.

Key Models

  • Mistral 7B: Foundational model, fast and customizable.
  • Mistral Large: Top-tier reasoning for complex tasks.
  • Mistral Embed: Semantic understanding of text.

Key Features

  • Performance balanced with cost-efficiency.
  • Open-source for collaboration and transparency.
  • Flexible deployment via API or self-hosting.

Use Cases

  • Content generation
  • Translation
  • Semantic analysis
  • Conversational AI

Get Started

In the detailed YouTube by Damien Bird, viewers are shown an insightful tutorial on how to deploy the advanced Mistral Large Large Language Model (LLM) using Azure OpenAI Studio and integrate it with the Power Platform. This integration allows users to have a history context-aware chat completion conversation, significantly enhancing user interaction. Damien starts by guiding through the initial setup of an Azure AI Hub Resource and creating an AI project.

He further demonstrates the deployment of the Mistral Large Model and its testing within the Azure AI Studio Playground, emphasizing the model's training period around 2022. Integration with Power Automate via HTTP action is smoothly executed, showcasing the model's capabilities in generating context-aware responses and explaining the nuances of cloud versus desktop flows. Damien vividly illustrates how a Power Platform expert can utilize these integrations for effective communication.

Deploying Mistral Large as a service with pay-as-you-go billing simplifies the consumption of this powerful model without worrying about hosting it on a subscription, while still maintaining high standards of enterprise security and compliance. The ability to create history context-aware conversations using the Power Platform exemplifies the practical applications of integrating Mistral Large with business workflows, enhancing productivity and automation capabilities.

Furthermore, the ease of deployment and the ability to consume Mistral Large using the chat API demonstrate Azure AI Studio's commitment to providing accessible AI solutions. Users can navigate through the deployment process, access the model's endpoint, and start interacting via chat completions with straightforward steps. With advancements in model deployment options, security, and multilingual support, Mistral Large on Azure OpenAI Studio is poised to transform how businesses and developers leverage AI to achieve their objectives.


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