Delete internal emails from Dynamics 365 or Dataverse
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Jul 8, 2023 2:00 PM

Delete internal emails from Dynamics 365 or Dataverse

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Let’s start with some health warnings: Don’t delete stuff unless you are really sure you don’t want it back (without dredging through a rollback/restore process

Delete internal emails from either Dynamics 365 or Dataverse by following these steps:

  • The first warning step is safety; never delete any data unless you are certain you won't need it in future. The rollback or restore process might be taxing.

  • The second caution is related to storage; tracking all emails in Dynamics 365 or Dataverse could result in storage issues. Nevertheless, storage issues are now less problematic as descriptions and attachments have been moved to blob storage.

  • The third warning is about the tracking of 'Confidential' tagged emails in Dataverse. They maintain the redacted form of the email body. In some cases, the subject or recipient details could be damaging.

  • Lastly, the automatic tracking of emails in Dynamics 365 serves as an efficient way of providing visibility of ongoing communications with a lead or customer to all Dynamics 365 users.

Additional Information

Managing data in Dynamics 365 or Dataverse requires careful consideration and cautious execution. The platform has made it increasingly convenient to handle data through options like blob storage, automatic tracking, and confidentiality tagging. It continues to be a versatile tool for both data management and customer communication. Always remember the criticality of data before deletion and understand the potential implications of total email tracking. Your usage approach must align with both data security and storage optimization.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Dataverse provide a way to delete internal emails. It is important to remember not to delete anything unless absolutely sure, as there may be implications in terms of storage. Emails tagged with 'Confidential' will still be tracked, but the body of the email will be redacted. Automatically tracking emails in Dynamics 365 is a great way to provide visibility to users of ongoing communications with leads or customers. It also helps to keep records of conversations. Finally, it is possible to set up rules for emails to ensure they get the necessary attention.

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