Deep Dive into Dataverse Connector Triggers
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Sep 9, 2023 9:00 AM

Deep Dive into Dataverse Connector Triggers

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Dataverse is a service that offers secure storage and management for data used by business applications.

Dataverse is a service that offers secure storage and management for data used by business applications. It uses tables consisting of rows and columns, where each column is designed to store a particular type of data. Dataverse comes with standard tables but also allows you to create custom tables specific to your organization.

Dataverse interacts with Power Apps and Power Automate, enabling app makers to create rich applications that utilize the stored data.

To create a flow that triggers when you create, modify, or delete a row, you must have user-level permissions for create, read, write, and delete on callback registration tables.

Dataverse Triggers are used to define the conditions under which a flow will run. For example, when a row is added, modified, or deleted. The specific rows that should change before the flow triggers are filtered through the Table name list.

Scope in Dataverse Triggers indicates which rows should be monitored to determine if the flow should run. Different scopes mean that actions are taken on rows owned by you, anyone in your business unit or anyone within the environment.

Additionally, Dataverse offers Advanced options that can define the conditions when the flow runs in more details. These options include setting Filter conditions, and Filtering columns, among others.

The Dataverse also comes with the "Delay Until" property which allows the flow run to wait for long periods of time and the "Run As" feature providing the ability to impersonate a different user.



Dataverse provides a secure and efficient way for developers to deal with application data. Using the service, both standard and custom tables can be created to store diverse data sets. By setting up triggers, developers can automate sequences of tasks depending on changes in the data. The advanced options give developers control over finer details in the automation process. This gives Dataverse integrations with the Power platform a great deal of flexibility and power.

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The text delves deep into the working and usage of Dataverse, which is used to securely store and manage data for business applications. It describes how data within Dataverse is organized in a set of tables consisting of rows and columns that can store a variety of information. It also mentions the base set of standard tables in Dataverse that cover typical scenarios, yet also emphasizes on the creation of custom tables specific to different organizations. These tables can be populated using Power Query and utilized to build applications with Power Apps.

The text also explains how to create a flow triggered by the creation, modification, or deletion of a row in Dataverse. It states the prerequisites needed to accomplish this, such as having user-level permissions for the Callback Registration table. There's also mention of action triggers, the proper selection of table names, trigger conditions, and scope for triggering a flow. This gives further insight into how data manipulation can be set up to activate different flows in an automated manner, enhancing the functionality and comprehensiveness of the platform.


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