Debugging Power Apps made easy: The Search Pane
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Jun 28, 2022 12:00 AM

Debugging Power Apps made easy: The Search Pane

by HubSite 365 about Shane Young [MVP]

SharePoint & PowerApps MVP - SharePoint, O365, Flow, Power Apps consulting & Training

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With this simple yet effective feature, make debugging your app SO much easier! Discover how to search your app's collections, variables, controls, formulae, components, and more with the PowerApps Search window. What the functionality is, how to activate it in both new and old apps, how to filter your results, and even a little bit about regular expressions are all covered in this video.

Shane shows the new PowerApps search pane and why this is a game changer for debugging your app.

The video includes information about:

  • Overview of the PowerApps search pane and what it does
  • Using more search option to filter your results
  • Searching for where you are using collection in your app
  • What the search panes does NOT do
  • You can use regular expressions regex to do your searches
  • You cannot do a bulk rename with the Search Pane but there is a find and replace in the formula bar
  • How to enable the search pane in an existing app