DAX & GPT4 -  Amazing - if you ask the right questions
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Jun 17, 2023 3:00 PM

DAX & GPT4 - Amazing - if you ask the right questions

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Using a well-structured prompt in GPT4 can dramatically improve the DAX results that GPT 4 generates. Download the prompt

DAX & GPT4 - Amazing - if you ask the right questions. Using a well-structured prompt in GPT4 can dramatically improve the DAX results that GPT 4 generates. Download the prompt at:

00:00 Intro
02:18 Solving Events in Progress
08:20 Solving Date of Maximum Sales
12:25 Requesting explanations of formulas

Using GPT-4 for Microsoft DAX queries involves understanding that while GPT-4 can assist in generating DAX expressions, it does not replace the need for a deep understanding of the VertiPaq engine and the underlying principles of data modeling and DAX formula language. GPT-4 can provide a starting point for further exploration and refinement for users who may lack that level of expertise.

One way to integrate GPT-4 into Power BI to assist with DAX queries involves four steps:

  1. Set up a ChatGPT API: This can be done using an API provider such as RapidAPI or AWS. Once you have set up your ChatGPT API, you will be given an API key that you will need to use in Power BI.

  2. Create a Custom Function in Power BI: This function calls the ChatGPT API. The function takes a text input (query) and calls the ChatGPT API with the query as a parameter. The function then returns the response from the API, which is the generated DAX expression in plain English.

  3. Test the Custom Function: Before using the custom function in a report, it's important to test it to make sure it's working correctly. To test the function, select “Invoke Custom Function” from the Add Column tab in the Power Query Editor. Then, enter a sample query in the dialog box and click “OK”. If the custom function is working correctly, you should see the generated DAX expression in the new column.

  4. Use the Custom Function in a Report: Once you have confirmed that the custom function is working correctly, you can use it in a report. Simply create a new measure or calculated column and use the custom function as the formula.

Remember that while GPT-4 can help with generating DAX expressions, it's still important to understand the underlying data model and DAX language, as GPT-4's understanding of these is limited to patterns it's learned from its training data.

Unlock the Potential of DAX & GPT4

By asking the right questions and using well-structured prompts in GPT4, you can significantly enhance the DAX results you obtain. This approach enables you to gain deeper insights and improve reporting capabilities using Power BI and Excel. Leverage the available resources, like the downloadable prompts and comprehensive training provided by industry experts. Tap into the full potential of DAX and GPT4 to drive better decision-making for your organization.

Learn about DAX & GPT4 - Amazing - if you ask the right questions

DAX and GPT4 are powerful tools for data analysis. GPT4 can be used to generate DAX results that are more accurate and meaningful when used with a well-structured prompt. To get the most out of GPT4, users can download the prompt I used from aasolutions.sharepoint.com. The team at Access Analytic creates Power BI and Excel solutions for clients in Australia and offers training around the world. Those interested in learning more about Power BI can check out the book "Power BI for the Excel Analyst" written by Access Analytic's team member. Finally, users can connect with the team member on his website, wyn.bio.link.

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