Dataverse Web API 101
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Sep 12, 2022 4:01 PM

Dataverse Web API 101

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Dataverse is low-code/no-code friendly data service for storing both structured and unstructured data behind a role-based security model. Dataverse is a pillar of Microsoft’s Power Platform and the backbone of Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 first party applications.

Dataverse is designed to be as easy-to-use and robust for small workloads while also being scalable and performant enough to handle enterprise workloads on a massive scale.

  • Authentication
  • Authenticating via an Access Token Request
  • Using Cookies from your Browser
  • The OData Protocol
  • List Tables
  • Read / Write records from a table
  • Read / Write a single record

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There is a lot more to what the Dataverse Web API can provide, but I hope this tutorial was enough to get you started with using, but more importantly understanding the Dataverse Web API. The Dataverse Web API follows the OData standard, and thus, the more you learn about the OData protocol, the more capable you will be of working with the Dataverse Web API.

Resources to this Dataverse API

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