Dataverse for Teams – Formula Columns
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Jun 9, 2023 7:00 PM

Dataverse for Teams – Formula Columns

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Formula columns are a powerful feature of Microsoft Dataverse for Teams. With this data type, you can quickly add a calculated column to your table.

Learn about Dataverse for Teams – Formula Columns

Microsoft Dataverse for Teams introduces a feature that allows the addition of a calculated column to your table using the data type, "Formula". This is facilitated by Power Fx, a language specifically designed for writing formulas and expressions within Dataverse for Teams.
Supported data types for this feature include Text, Decimal Number, Yes/No (Boolean), and Date. These data can be manipulated using operators such as +, -, *, /, %, ^, in, exactin, &.
To create a new Formula column, you need to edit your Dataverse table and select the "Formula" Column. For instance, to calculate the age of employees, you can use the formula DateDiff('BirthYear ', UTCNow(),TimeUnit.Years).
However, some users may encounter errors when using the Data column, such as "Time zone conversion" issues. To solve this, the "Time Zone Adjustment" property of your Data column can be set to "Time Zone Independent".
There are approximately 54 functions available to use within your formulas, like DateDiff, DateAdd, If, UTCNow, Abs, etc.
However, it's crucial to know that the Text and Value functions only work with whole numbers, and since formula columns are evaluated without locale knowledge, they can't properly interpret or generate the decimal separator.
For further information or queries, users are encouraged to check out the official documentation or reach out for assistance.

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