Dataset Refresh History Enhancements
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Sep 15, 2023 2:30 PM

Dataset Refresh History Enhancements

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We’ve enhanced the dataset Refresh History page to help you diagnose and resolve issues more effectively.

Dataset refreshes are vital for ongoing Power BI reports, facilitating up-to-date data and timely insights. Microsoft has made advancements to the dataset Refresh History page to aid in more effective diagnosis and resolution of issues. Each dataset refresh can now display essential details on the Refresh History page, possibly providing explanations for any delays and reducing the need for additional analysis.

Power BI makes automatic multiple attempts to refresh a dataset in case of a failure. The newly-added ability to visualize all refresh attempts on the page, along with insight into the cause of any failures or unusual durations, can be valuable. It's worth noting that this information is helpful not just when refresh fails but also succeeds.

  • A successful refresh that took longer than expected might have succeeded only after several prior failures.
  • To access detailed error information for each attempted refresh, users can simply click on the “(Show)” link within the row of any failed attempt.

A Power BI dataset refresh operation may involve different refresh types and steps. Each refresh attempt comprises two operations: Data – Load data into the dataset and Query Cache – Premium Query Caches and/or Dashboard Tiles refresh.

  • Excessive use of dashboard tiles and premium caching can potentially increase the overall refresh duration.
  • This information can assist in quickly detecting any such scenario and taking appropriate steps like reducing dashboards or disabling automatic cache refresh.

The data and query cache phases are independent of each other, but run sequentially. If the “Data” phase is completed successfully, the data is up-to-date even if the “Query Cache” phase fails or takes extra time.

Depending on the location of your Power BI tenant, this feature may take up to two weeks to appear. Refreshes made via the enhanced refresh API and/or XMLA Endpoint won’t show attempt details.


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Microsoft's augmentation of the dataset Refresh History on Power BI is significant for users struggling with dataset refresh disparities. The improvement allows users to visualize every refresh attempt, successful or not, giving a deeper understanding of refresh activities. It leads to more efficient troubleshooting, revealing previously hidden issues such as multiple failed attempts before successful refreshes. This feature is a game-changer, notably for organizations that rely heavily on up-to-date data for critical decision-making.


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The main topic is about the enhancements in the Dataset Refresh History page of Power BI reports to improve the handling and troubleshooting of data refresh operations. This includes details for each refresh operation allowing users to diagnose why a refresh may have taken longer than expected. An automatic refresh attempts tracking feature is introduced where Power BI makes multiple attempts to refresh a dataset if a failure is encountered.


One can visualize all refresh attempts to gain insight into the reason for failure or unusual duration. The refresh operation can involve multiple types and steps, each refresh attempt is divided into two operations: Loading data into the dataset and Premium Query Caches or Dashboard Tiles refresh. Optimization techniques like reducing the number of dashboards or disabling the automatic cache refresh setting can be used to manage the number of cache related queries.


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