D365 Field Service: Trades
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May 1, 2023 9:00 AM

D365 Field Service: Trades

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Another feature for Dynamics 365 Field Service that is part of 2023 release wave 1 is the ability to use trades to group services together.

Another feature for Dynamics 365 Field Service that is part of 2023 release wave 1 is the ability to use trades to group services together. There are a lot of benefits to using trades in D365 Field Service, but before I get into that, let me first explain what trades represents in Dynamics 365 Field Service. As you probably already suspected, trades are the types of services that your organization provides to their customers. Trades allow you to group multiple services under a category. Some example trades are plumbing, HVAC services, roofing, etc. By using trades in Dynamics 365 Field Service, we can associate trades with incident types, accounts and locations to track which trades your organization provides. This way you won’t accidentally provide electrical services while you’re only hired to perform HVAC work.


This solution has two major components to it, the trades table and the trade coverages table. I already explained what trades represent above, so let’s discuss the trade coverage table. The purpose of this table is to track which trades are covered (or excluded) at various customer sites. In Dynamics 365 Field Service this table is a manual N:N which ties accounts, functional locations and trades together. This will allows us to see which trades are covered from an account and/or functional location perspective and will help insure that the right type of service is provided at those locations. For example if your organization onlyprovides HVAC services to a specific customer, we probably shouldn’t have the ability to create a work order for plumbing services for this customer, right?


D365 Field Service

D365 Field Service: Trades is a feature within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service that enables organizations to manage and assign work orders to skilled trades. This feature allows organizations to manage the complete lifecycle of trade-related activities from job assignment, to tracking and managing resources, to completing the job. It allows organizations to assign the right trade to the right job, track the progress of the job and ensure that all resources are available onsite when needed. Additionally, it provides visibility into job progress and cost, and enables organizations to identify and address any issues that arise during the job.

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