JSON Formatting for SharePoint Command Bar Icons & Titles
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Sep 27, 2023 12:57 PM

JSON Formatting for SharePoint Command Bar Icons & Titles

by HubSite 365 about Michel Mendes [MVP]

Microsoft MVP | Senior Consultant at Avanade | Microsoft 365 | Power Platform | SharePoint

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Learn to customize your SharePoint command bar with JSON formatting: Edit icons and titles, tailoring the interface to your needs!

Customizing the command bar icons and labels in SharePoint's platform is the topic of this blog post written by the author, Michel Mendes [MVP]. Michel provides valuable insights into adapting command bar features using a language known as JSON formatting, primarily to edit button's icons and tiles. Michel gives a practical demonstration by displaying a custom command bar with some of the original buttons and text replaced.

He continues explaining how to accomplish this customization by adding values to the 'text' and 'iconName' properties. Michel provided a JSON snippet used as a view formatter that alters the native icons and labels. These changes include:

  • New: Transform the icon and modify the text to 'Add a new Event Session'
  • Export: Edit the text to 'Export this list'
  • Automate: Transform the icon and modify the text to 'Workflows'
  • Integrate: Transform the icon and modify the text to 'Power Platform'

Customizing the command bar changes its appearance, which Michel effectively illustrates with before and after images. When it comes to finding suitable icons to use for this customization, Michel suggests using Microsoft's Fluent UI, granting users the ability to search for icons and grab their names. He includes a page link in the blog post, but the link has been left out of this summary.

With JSON formatting, the process of changing icons and text for list command bar buttons becomes simpler. However, these changes are specific to the view where they are applied, meaning they must be manually applied for each view where the user wants them to effect.

Wrapping up the post, Michel provided references for syntax habitats regarding command bar customization. Those references are omitted in this summary.

Broader Context

Despite being somewhat technical, managing SharePoint's user interface elements is important for improving user experience. Tailoring these elements to better suit users' roles and responsibilities can increase efficiency and productivity. Moreover, this customization illustrates the flexibility of SharePoint and the potentials it offers for personalization. Yet, it is essential to remember the specificity of changes, needing manual application for each effective view. Overall, mastering JSON formatting and understanding command bar customization in SharePoint can significantly enhance users' digital experience.

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SharePoint Online - JSON Formatting for SharePoint Command Bar Icons & Titles

Learn about Customize the SharePoint command bar icons and titles with JSON formatting

Customizing the SharePoint command bar by changing icons and titles is invaluable when personalizing your digital workspace. JSON formatting allows for a seamless adaptation of this component on SharePoint. In this guide, we'll explore how SharePoint Admins can tailor these settings to their preference.

Initially, you'll want to understand the basics of JSON formatting and SharePoint command bar usage. Several online courses offer a deep dive into this subject, such as:

  • Microsoft China - Customizing SharePoint with JSON
  • Lynda - SharePoint Online Essential Training

A good understanding of JSON allows you to manipulate the 'text' and 'iconName' properties, a process that's necessary in the customization of the command bar. A JSON snippet serves as a view formatter in achieving this task.

By modifying the 'text' and 'iconName' attributes, you can customize native icon/text properties for specific buttons/menus such as “new”, “export”, “automate”, and “integrate”. Changes, once effected, apply only to the view where you employ them.

The depiction of the command bar will mutate accordingly, allowing for the unique personalization of your interface in SharePoint Online.

When selecting icons, SharePoint adopts Microsoft’s Fluent UI icons. In finding the most suitable icons to represent each command, visiting the Fluent UI icons webpage is your best bet.

With a notable command of JSON formatting, amending icons and text for command bar buttons becomes an effortless task. However, changes implemented need to be manually instituted in all views where you want them displayed. Thus, a well-curated combination of commands, icons, and text results in an intuitive user interface, augmenting the user experience in SharePoint - be it classic SharePoint or the current SharePoint Online.

To bring all this into perspective, why not peruse the 'Command bar customization syntax reference' on Microsoft Learn. It serves as an excellent resource in comprehending the command bar customization syntax.

The ability to customize the command bar not only makes it appealing to the user but also promotes efficacy in navigation on SharePoint- Online or on-premise. Remember, while the sky's the limit with customization, an overly complex command bar might defeat its purpose. Therefore, the goal is to strike a balance; all the while keeping it simple, functional, and aesthetically pleasing.

By utilizing JSON formatting, Administrators are not only customising SharePoint to their liking but also creating a more user-friendly interface, leading to improved productivity – a goal that all SharePoint users should strive for.

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