Advanced Creator Kit for Efficient Panel Control
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Sep 29, 2023 4:26 PM

Advanced Creator Kit for Efficient Panel Control

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Explore the robust features of Microsofts Creator Kit: Panel Control, from properties to controls, for complex app creations!

Summary of Panel Control in Creator Kit

Angelo Gulisano introduces "Panel Control", part of the Surface controls group within the Creator Kit. This control is designed for managing items or settings, and is utilized for creating complex creation, editing, or management tasks.

To get started, "Panel Control" needs to be added to your app. It's imperative that the Creator Kit is installed in your environment beforehand, a detailed guide can be found here.

Upon adding the control to the App, it's possible that some errors might occur due to library component issues. However, these can be fixed with the correct implementation steps which are provided within the blog.

Setting up certain properties such as the title, subtitle, dialog width, panel orientation, visibility features, panel buttons, select event management, and themes are required to customize the control. Notably, each of these attributes serves a different purpose to control the functionality and aesthetics of the panel. OnButtonSelect property plays a critical role as an event to manage the select event of your button.

The control extends its usability by allowing the developer to nest other controls inside the panel, creating a more fluid and dynamic interface. However, this should not be done directly. Instead, a container can be used inside the Panel as a workaround, as demonstrated with the example of a Vertical Container within the blog. The corresponding properties of the Panel and the Container need to be synched to achieve correct alignment. Now other controls can be placed inside the container, enhancing the usage of the Panel Control.

Concluding the blog, Angelo ensures these pieces of information can be of great help. Also, the official documentation concerning this control is referenced for further detailed understanding.

Understanding the Core Aspects of Creator Kit's Controls

In the sphere of environments handling several items or settings, surface controls like Panel Control hold extreme significance. The ingenuity of Creator Kit allows developers to embed controls within interactive applications, ensuring smooth management of data/processes, be it creation, editing, or handling.

You have the freedom to customize the added controls per your prerequisites such as visibility, position, or even the color scheme from the Json theme. One must remember, however, that controls within the panel should be placed indirectly. Essentially, this implies utilizing a container within the panel.

The Panel Control lets you imbue a dynamic aspirational essence, exemplifying the flexibility of the Creator Kit. Therefore, mastering the utilization of controls aids in exploiting the overall capabilities available within the Creator Kit.

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Developer Tools - Advanced Creator Kit for Efficient Panel Control

Learn about Creator Kit – Panel Control

The Creator Kit is a powerful toolkit for designing your app interface. Our control of focus today, within the Surface group, is the “Panel Control”. This tool gives you room for complex creation, editing, or management processing of your app's items or settings. To get started, it should be added to your app. This is assuming you already have the Creator Kit installed in your operating environment. If not, go through the installation first.

The Panel Control can seem daunting at first, but we will break it down to make the process of using it easier. Once you add the Panel Control, you will encounter a feature named ‘Library component’ of the Creator Kit. Please be aware, this feature may have some errors, which are easily manageable and can be fixed using our toolkit resources.

The Panel Control comes with a range of properties to be set, ranging from the title of your panel, subtitle, width of the panel, its position (left or right), its visibility status, a table to define buttons of your panel, an event to manage select event of your button, and a theme property to set JSON theme on controls. The theme property is common in other controls of the Creator Kit and can be customized according to your needs.

For functionalities like hiding and showing the panel, it's possible to use a local variable. An 'Ok' button, built as part of the control, allows users to get Notify, and then, the panel will hide. As straightforward as it sounds, to display your panel, the "showHideDialog" variable should be set to true.

Now you might be wondering, how do I put controls inside my panel? You cannot put controls directly inside your Panel Control, however, you can use a container for that purpose. A good example would be a Vertical container. To align the container with the panel, same properties of the panel should be set for the container.

No worries if you need more information, as official documentations for this control are available. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or require further assistance. Remember, with the Panel Control, you can add layers of customization to your app.

Enjoy developing with the Panel Control and have a great day!

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