Creator Kit – Panel Control
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Apr 17, 2023 9:00 AM

Creator Kit – Panel Control

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Today , we’re introducing one of the “Surface” controls group of Creator Kit: “Panel Control“.

Today , we’re introducing one of the “Surface” controls group of Creator Kit: “Panel Control“. Let’s see What is it and how it works. If you don’t know what Creator Kit is, you can read my article here.

Creator Kit – Panel Control

  • Panel Control
  • *How to put controls inside your panel
  • Considerations

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The Power Apps Creator Kit

The Power Apps Creator Kit is a set of tools and resources designed to help users create custom business applications using Microsoft Power Apps. It includes pre-built templates, sample data sets, and step-by-step guides to help users create functional apps without the need for extensive coding knowledge.

The Creator Kit provides users with a starting point to build custom apps tailored to their specific business needs. The kit includes templates for common business scenarios such as asset management, expense tracking, and customer engagement, among others. Users can customize these templates and adapt them to their specific requirements.

In addition to the templates, the Creator Kit includes sample data sets that can be used to test and refine the app. The kit also includes documentation and guides to help users learn how to use Power Apps and make the most of the platform’s features.

Overall, the Power Apps Creator Kit is a useful tool for businesses looking

to streamline their processes and workflows by building custom applications tailored to their specific needs.

Nov 2, 2022 — The kit contains a component library, several commonly used Power Apps component framework controls, a set of templates, and other utilities ...

This toolkit helps create well-designed Power App experiences on the web & mobile. It contains a component library; PCF controls and other utilities that ...

Nov 21, 2022 — The Creator kit is simply a collection of PCF (Power Apps ... Next, I'm going to add 2 more controls to the app. a Panel, and a Form.