Setting Up Microsoft Teams Meetings & App Installation Guide
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Oct 11, 2023 2:00 PM

Setting Up Microsoft Teams Meetings & App Installation Guide

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Easily create & manage Teams meetings with the Microsoft Graph, extending customization with your data through a Teams meeting app.

The online blog by Markus Moeller [MVP] details the process of creating Teams meetings and installing Teams Meeting App with Microsoft Graph. The functionality is easy to implement and can be achieved in a variety of contexts like web services or a bot.

The blog provides a high-level architecture for the process, which involves creating the meeting and installing the app. It also mentions the necessity of some basic data for the meeting, such as attendees, subject, and a start and end date.

The post is split into several sections including: authentication, meeting creation, app installation, and custom data creation. Under authentication, two options are presented – using a delegated option for security purposes or using an app context way in the absence of a user. The blog explains how to authenticate for each scenario.

For meeting creation, the functions work the same in both app and delegated context. The post outlines steps to create the meeting as an onlineMeeting and highlights the importance of obtaining the chatID of the online meeting. The blog further explains the installment of the custom meeting app into the chat of the meeting as a tab, explaining the use of both chatID and tenant specific appID.


Further areas of detail include the processing of custom data and its visibility in the meeting, and utilization of App Configuration or Azure Table for data storage. The practical display of this data within a Teams meeting is demonstrated, showing how the custom app accesses storage to display the custom data.

Further Aspects of Teams Development

Microsoft's Teams Development platform allows for a seamless integration of meetings and custom applications. With the ability to automate meeting creation, install apps that fit a team's specific needs, and successfully store and display custom data, the utilization of Microsoft Graph further enhances these capabilities.

Security is integral to these operations, with authentication options favoring a delegated option for maximum data protection. Microsoft's Teams Development continues to improve meeting experiences with its sophisticated data integration and application usage, optimizing team collaboration and productivity in the online workspace.


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Microsoft Graph - Setting Up Microsoft Teams Meetings & App Installation Guide

Learn about Creating Teams Meetings and install Teams Meeting App with Microsoft Graph


Planning, generating, and installing Teams Meetings along with Teams Meeting Apps using Microsoft's API service requires less complexity than expected. Microsoft demonstrated this seamlessly in a situation that necessitated a synergy between Microsoft Teams and Azure Communication services.

However, an exceptional circumstance would involve using already available custom data in a novel Teams Meeting App. This would be installed in the newly created Teams Meeting.

  • For a context simulation, a simple Console app would suffice. This could, however, be a web service or bot, dependent on the real-time requirements.
  • In a high-level architectural design, it might look something like this:

Above the custom data, which will be a fictitious customer in this example, some data for the meeting is needed. The required data would include two attendees, a subject, and start and end date. One participant could ideally be the user executing the request.

  • However, this would only work in the scenario of a delegated user context. It brings us to the question of whether an application or user permission scenario is used for authentication.

Based on an internal bool, there are two authentication options. For security reasons, the delegated option is preferable. But if your context doesn’t offer a user, it’s only feasible to follow the app context way.

In the meeting creation process, both the app and delegated context work equivalently.

The conference gets created as an onlineMeeting. Once it's established, it's important to get the chat ID of the onlineMeeting which can only be done by a selected call filtering for the JoinUrl.

The chat ID is vital because the custom meeting app is to be installed as a tab inside the chat. To install an app, the tenant-specific app ID inside the tenant app catalog is necessary. This can be obtained by a filter call for an organization app with the known name.

Once the app is installed in the chat of the meeting as a tab, at the top of the meeting creation and app installation, the custom data shall be made visible in the meeting. This can be easily done with the installed app. The only challenge is the data storage.


Azure Application Configuration is favorable for storing key-value pairs. The meeting ID is a good component for the key, combined with the app name and the attribute name. Therefore, write some customer data, for instance, would look like this:

If an apt App Configuration resource is already available, this is a viable solution. Otherwise, Azure Table might be the cheaper and better option.

However, once a meeting is created, the custom app installed, and the custom data written to your storage of choice, the first part is done. Now in the second part, the custom app ensures, before or during a running meeting, the custom data can be displayed again. A simple tab app needs to access the storage, pick the right values, and showcase the custom data.

In conclusion, setting up a meeting automatically with an installed custom app to display custom data is possible with Microsoft's API. Although this example has been simplified for better understanding, the entire straightforward code can be assessed in the respective link for the GitHub repository.


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