Create Your "ownGPT" in a Protected Way and Advance Its Potential
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Sep 25, 2023 2:00 PM

Create Your "ownGPT" in a Protected Way and Advance Its Potential

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Enhance your ownGPTs user experience - learn to activate chat history in Azure OpenAI Playground and integrate it seamlessly..

In this blog post authored by Holger Imbery, the third part in a series about creating an ownGPT in a secure manner, the focus is on enhancing the bot's potential by activating chat history. The main motivation behind this is to make interaction with the bot more convenient for users by storing their prompts for reuse.

A deployment wizard in the Azure OpenAI Playground facilitates the activation of chat history. It helps to set up a new Cosmos DB with all necessary components, as well as a temporary web app which can be deleted after the DB creation. The following steps are highlighted in this procedure:

  • The Playground is accessed, "Chat" is selected, and the "Deploy to" button is clicked.
  • A temporary web app, with all relevant details, is created with the option to enable chat history.

After the web app deployment, its content in the Azure portal's Application Settings is copied. This content relates to AZURE_COSMOSDB* and the COSMOSDB API. Then, the temporary web app and its associated app service plan are deleted.

Next, the .env file gets updates from content saved in the previous steps. Testing locally should show a successful result in activating chat history to ownGPT.

Finally, the blog post concludes that activating chat history enhances user experience as it allows for storing and reusing prompts. This can seamlessly be integrated into your ownGPT after deploying a temporary web app, creating a Cosmos DB, and appropriately configuring the DB settings.

Extra Insight: Upgrading Chatbot User Experience

By incorporating chat history into a bot's system, user experience can vastly improve. It empowers users to interact seamlessly, store and reuse prompts, fostering an ongoing, rich conversation. Leveraging tools like the Azure OpenAI Playground and Cosmos DB, companies can enhance their chatbots, making them more intuitive and user-friendly, facilitating more human-like interactions. Furthermore, the process of implementation is relatively straightforward, encouraging even further adoption.


Read the full article Create Your "ownGPT" in a Protected Way and Advance Its Potential (Part 3) - activate chat history f

Learn about Create Your "ownGPT" in a Protected Way and Advance Its Potential (Part 3) - activate chat history f


The text focuses on the creation of an AI model, referred to as "ownGPT," using the Azure OpenAI Playground. It emphasizes on implementing a chat history feature into this model using a new Cosmos DB. The feature enhances user experience by storing their dialogue inputs and making these available for future use.

  • The process of activating chat history starts by deploying the model as a temporary web app on the Azure Playground.
  • Next, the content of the Application Settings and the API of the newly created COSMOSDB should be copied. The temporary web application, along with its associated App Service Plan, can then be deleted.
  • For local testing, the saved settings are incorporated into an .env file and used to restart the bot. If successful, the result should resemble a provided screenshot when accessed at HTTP://
  • This model should then be deployed on the Azure portal as a web application. The Configuration setting of the Web App in the Azure portal should reflect the Application Settings copied earlier.

In the conclusion, it's mentioned how the activated chat history enhances user experience in the "ownGPT" model. It allows for storing and retrieving user dialogue inputs. Successful implementation requires deployment of a temporary web app and creation of necessary Cosmos DB on Azure. Stringent configuration of the Cosmos DB is a crucial part of the process both in local and Azure environments.


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