Create Your "ownGPT" in a Protected Way and Advance Its Potential
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Sep 16, 2023 1:00 PM

Create Your "ownGPT" in a Protected Way and Advance Its Potential

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Motivation You want your "ChatGPT" to operate in a secure environment, ensuring all data and interactions with your "bot" remain private. Your prompts (inputs)

Create Your "ownGPT" in a Protected Way and Advance Its Potential (Part 1) serves as a motivation to create a secure environment to operate your "ChatGPT", with all data, interactions, and training information kept private.

  • Your data and interactions are not accessible by others, nor by OpenAI.
  • OpenAI does not utilize your data to improve its models.
  • Neither Microsoft or any 3rd party products or services access your information.
  • Your fine-tuned Azure OpenAI models are available exclusively for your use.

This series guides you through the process of using Azure OpenAI Services, ensuring to secure and enhance your business. Key components include building the foundation, incorporating your data, enabling action-taking, and integrating a voice channel.

Further Steps

The following parts of the series explore elements of creating your "ownGPT" including incorporating your own data, enabling action-taking, and voice channel integration. The use of Azure OpenAI Service for creating a protected "ownGPT" is beneficial for business enhancement without compromising security or privacy. This knowledge helps to understand how to incorporate your data, take action on it, and integrate voice channels for a customized and secure AI-powered chatbot experience.


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The main topic discusses the creation of your own "ChatGPT" bot using Azure OpenAI Services in a secure and private manner. The process ensures the bot operates within an environment that keeps all interactions, data, prompts, completions, and training data as private, without being accessible to third parties, including Microsoft and OpenAI. It also disallows data use for the enhancement of Microsoft, OpenAI models, or any other third-party products. The OpenAI services function within Microsoft's Azure environment. The text guides you towards utilizing Azure OpenAI services to develop a unique "chatGPT" for your business, without any compromise, in a series of upcoming segments. The first part involves building the foundation, followed by incorporating your data for unique experiences, adding functionality to act on your data, and integration of a voice channel.


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