Create surveys in seconds using the power of AI in Copilot
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Nov 30, 2023 1:00 PM

Create surveys in seconds using the power of AI in Copilot

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Maximize survey impact effortlessly using AI with Copilot & Microsoft Forms! Learn quick customization & analysis techniques.

Create surveys swiftly with the power of AI and Microsoft 365 Forms. Struggling to make surveys for your audience due to lack of time or expertise? This video is the perfect solution for you.

Discover how to leverage Copilot alongside Microsoft Forms to generate surveys effortlessly. Copilot uses AI to recommend survey formats from simple prompts, while Microsoft Forms provides a straightforward platform for survey creation and distribution.

By the end of this tutorial, you'll excel at using these tools to gather crucial feedback quickly and efficiently. Don't forget to support the channel with a like and subscribe for more Microsoft 365 productivity tips.

  • Access the power of Copilot and Microsoft Forms through your Microsoft 365 account.
  • Create a form by simply asking questions or describing the survey with Copilot's AI assistance.
  • Refine your survey and analyze results with the help of Microsoft Excel, benefiting from AI insights.

How AI and Machine Learning Transform Survey Creation

Create surveys quickly and effectively with the assistance of AI and machine learning tools. If designing surveys seems time-consuming or outside your skillset, this guidance is for you. This video tutorial will teach you to leverage two powerful instruments: Copilot and Microsoft Forms. Copilot, with its generative AI capabilities, crafts forms based on your descriptions, while Microsoft Forms provides a platform for survey dissemination.You'll gain knowledge on how to access these tools through Microsoft 365, create forms through simple queries, and utilize Copilot's adaptive suggestions.

Step by Step Guide

The tutorial covers various steps:

  • Accessing Copilot and Microsoft Forms.
  • Creating surveys by articulating your needs to Copilot.
  • Iterating your form design with AI-generated proposals.
  • Utilizing Microsoft Excel to interpret survey results effectively.

Completing this tutorial ensures your ability to quickly generate surveys and gather valuable feedback with the help of AI and machine learning tools.

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The Bigger Picture: Cognitive Technologies in Business

Cognitive technologies using AI have significant potential to solve complex business issues. Yet, ambitious AI projects may face hurdles or outright failure without a strategic approach.An incremental and augmentation-focused method is suggested, leaning towards enhancing human capabilities rather than replacing them. Identifying appropriate technologies, creating project portfolios, and planning organizational scaling ensure maximum AI benefits.AI systems should not replace jobs but augment tasks within jobs. Cognitive technology should enrich the workforce, requiring reimagined workflows to maximize human-machine collaboration. This strategy promises an era of increased productivity and job satisfaction.

However, not all cognitive technology ventures yield the desired outcomes effectively. Some, such as the MD Anderson Cancer Center's experience, show the pitfalls of ambitious projects without adequate planning and incremental testing.Meanwhile, leveraging AI for routine tasks such as administrative undertakings has proven more successful. It offers a lesson in the power of cognitive technology to handle tasks and improve workflows. The importance of understanding distinct AI capabilities and integrating them into business processes is highlighted. It's not about adopting AI swiftly but rather, strategically and in alignment with business needs.

Larger implications of AI integration into businesses are considered. This includes the need for a clear understanding of the varying AI technologies, their capabilities, and how these align with company objectives.Furthermore, prioritized project portfolios based on business needs and a strategic approach to scale AI solutions across the organization are necessary steps. Finally, it's vital to recognize the need for cognitive tech talent and the shift in job roles that these technologies may entail, focusing on productivity and the value brought by human creativity.

Extending the AI & Machine Learning Conversation

AI and similar technologies are redefining how we approach tasks and processes in a variety of domains. From creating surveys to analyzing complex data sets, tools like Copilot and Microsoft Forms symbolize the growth of accessible, user-friendly AI applications that make technology an ally for both enterprises and individuals.

As AI continues to evolve, its integration into our daily operations becomes more nuanced, demanding a deeper understanding of its functions and benefits. It's a journey of transformational change, where enhancing human potential with sophisticated tools defines a new era of efficiency and innovation.

Understanding AI and Machine Learning in Business

AI and machine learning are reshaping how businesses operate, offering innovative solutions for data processing and customer engagement. These technologies automate routine tasks, analyze large data sets for insightful decision-making, and facilitate smart interactions between companies and their customers. Businesses should approach AI integration methodically, understanding the technology's capabilities, assessing their needs, and developing a strategic implementation plan that includes pilots before full deployment. With the right preparation and mindset, AI and machine learning can usher in a new era of efficiency and customer satisfaction in the modern business landscape.

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