Viva Engage: How to Write Articles with New Copilot
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Feb 12, 2024 8:00 PM

Viva Engage: How to Write Articles with New Copilot

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Unlock Viva Engage Updates & Microsoft Copilot UI Enhancements in Ep 321

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Viva Engage introduces a new Article post type for subscribers of Viva Communications and Connection, or the Viva Suite. This feature allows the creation of long-form articles including media, similar to SharePoint news posts.

Microsoft Copilot's UI is undergoing enhancements for improved cleanliness and readability. These updates also ensure users can easily recognize when they are signed in.

  • The addition of the Article post type in Viva Engage expands content creation possibilities.
  • Microsoft Copilot's UI improvements focus on user-friendliness and clear sign-in indications.
  • Custom document library templates can now be created, enhancing document management.
  • The introduction of a grid view for tasks in Microsoft To Do enhances task visualization.
  • Microsoft Forms now supports live data sync to Excel, allowing real-time data analysis.

Also, Microsoft Copilot is getting some UI improvements that make it cleaner, easier to read and identify that you're signed in.

  • Create custom document library templates - MC712146
  • Viva Engage question post update - MC714521
  • Grid view for tasks in Microsoft To Do - MC714520
  • Updated Copilot user interface (UI) rolling out - MC713610
  • Microsoft Forms now supports live data sync to Excel - Preview - MC713045
  • Viva Insights - Changes to Suggested Tasks - MC713042
  • Viva Engage New Articles feature - MC712149

This text highlights significant updates within different Microsoft and Viva Engage products, focusing on Article post types, Copilot UI upgrades, and various features across Microsoft's ecosystem like custom document templates, To Do task views, and Forms data sync.

Microsoft Viva Engage and its Features

Microsoft Viva Engage is part of the broader Viva platform, designed to enhance organizational communication, community building, and employee engagement. By introducing the Article post type, Viva Engage provides a versatile platform for companies to share in-depth content, news, and updates within their organization. Similar to how SharePoint news operates, this feature supports rich media integration, thereby making internal communications more engaging and informative. As organizations seek more robust ways to connect with their employees, especially in remote or hybrid work environments, tools like Viva Engage play a crucial role in fostering a connected and informed workplace. The enhancements to Microsoft Copilot and other Microsoft 365 services, such as Microsoft To Do and Microsoft Forms, align with the company's ongoing efforts to improve user experience and productivity across its suite of applications. Through continuous updates and the addition of new features, Microsoft aims to cater to the evolving needs of its users, making it easier for teams to collaborate, communicate, and manage their tasks effectively.

Create articles in Viva Engage, a new feature for organizations subscribing to Viva Communications and Connection, or the full Viva Suite, is now introduced. This Article post type allows for the creation of long-form articles with media, similar to SharePoint news posts. Alongside, Microsoft Copilot is receiving UI improvements aimed at a cleaner appearance, enhancing readability, and clearer indication of user sign-in status.

The YouTube video, "365 Message Center Show" Episode 321, delves into various updates across Microsoft services, including the introduction of custom document library templates and updates to Viva Engage question posts. Furthermore, it highlights improvements such as a grid view for tasks in Microsoft To Do and the rollout of an updated Copilot UI. Additionally, the video mentions Microsoft Forms' support for live data sync to Excel in preview and changes to suggested tasks in Viva Insights.

Overall, the episode places a significant focus on the new Articles feature in Viva Engage, marking a pivotal update for enhancing organizational communication. Through this update, Viva Engage further positions itself as a versatile platform, integrating seamless content creation with media. The discussed UI enhancements in Microsoft Copilot aim to streamline the user experience, making it more intuitive and efficient for users.

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People also ask

What is Microsoft Viva Copilot?

Microsoft Viva's Copilot represents an advanced artificial intelligence (AI) platform, providing rapid, accurate, and personalized support and insights relevant to your business environment. Utilizing the latest in AI technology, Microsoft Viva Copilot offers an effective tool for quickening the pace of obtaining workforce insights and boosting engagement levels among employees.

Does Viva Engage use AI?

Viva Engage operates as a social media platform tailored for the workplace, enabling users to connect and share with colleagues effectively. The platform employs Copilot, an AI-powered assistant, to deliver insights into employee interests and facilitate engaging and enjoyable communication within the workforce.



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