How to Setting Up a Topic with Power Virtual Agent Copilot
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Oct 30, 2023 3:00 PM

How to Setting Up a Topic with Power Virtual Agent Copilot

by HubSite 365 about Ben den Blanken (Power Addict Ben) [MVP]

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Create an HR Copilot using Power Virtual Agent and Generative AI tech. Streamline vacation requests while increasing productivity and engagement.

In the upcoming European release, Microsoft's AI chat companion known as Power Virtual Agents is being upgraded with new functionaries that will assist HR services. This article by MVP Ben den Blanken unveils a real-life application of creating a prompt using the AI assistant.

He first demonstrates creating a 'day off' topic. This involves using the AI assistant to lay the necessary groundwork before any changes can be made.

Following this, the post delves into the new chatbot's creation using the updated authoring canvas. The author then steers us to the process of 'Creating a Chatbot', highlighting a couple of steps one should not miss.

The writer elaborates on how one should avoid the lesson topic and stresses the importance of selecting the right solution to ensure smooth transfers between different environments.

Moving on, the author showcases the process of creating an AI-generated assistance topic. This includes crafting a topic that enables employees to request leave by selecting specific dates and leave types. An interesting feature of the AI assistant is it can ease the groundwork for creating a topic.

However, the tool requires cross-checks and adjustments where needed. For instance, extra leave type options can be added or modified according to the requirements. But, certain technical changes cannot be implemented, such as altering specific nodes.

In conclusion, the AI assistant in the authoring canvas has its strengths and weaknesses. It excels in language tasks and is a great starting point for a topic, but it isn't recommended for several technicalities.

A deeper dive into the Power Virtual Agent

The Power Virtual Agent delivers several exciting features that significantly enhance the AI chat experience. Serving as a significant part of Microsoft’s robust Power Platform, it enables users to create powerful chatbots without needing any particular skills in coding. Plus, Generative AI technology provides more potency to the AI assistant, aiding in both building the chatbot and consuming its services.

Another significant aspect of the new authoring canvas is the improvements to the chatbot creation experience. It’s absolutely intuitive and guides you through each step to help you kick start with your chatbot. The addition of the AI assistant to ‘prompt all the topics’ is another great leap, allowing automatic initial stage completion of the topic. Despite some set-backs, the assistant paves the way for effortless and fluid processes, making it a fundamental component in Microsoft's AI technologies.


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Power Virtual Agents - Guide: Setting Up a Topic with Power Virtual Agent Copilot

Learn about Create a topic with Power Virtual Agent Copilot


Are you ready to dive into the world of Power Virtual Agent, the next-generation AI chatbot technology from Microsoft? With European news about its release just around the corner, now is an excellent time to immerse yourself in its functionalities, such as chatbot creation and the ability to upskill your Human Resource capabilities. It's a whole new way to engage your employees!


Let's establish some basics first. The cornerstone of your learning will be generating topics using a prompt to your virtual assistant Copilot. For instance, creating a topic concerning annual leave requests doesn't just teach you coding, but also best practices for setting the parameters for such demands, like dates or type of leave.


The agent's creation experience has evolved along with the overall evolution of the authoring canvas, a feature that provides a conducive environment for bot creation. To utilize this, you will need to navigate to the bot builder's portal. Until the generative features are deployed in Europe, it is recommended to use a US-based developer environment to explore the advanced attributes of the Copilot assistant.

  • When you start the bot creation process, it is important to pause before you hit "Save" to access the "Edit advanced options". Here you'll be able to do things like turning off the lessons topic and selecting your preferred Power Platform solution.

  • Each solution you make is effectively a chatbot ecosystem that can be ported to other environments, such as from development to production, and it organizes all your Power Platform work.

Having set the basic parameters, you can then initiate the bot creation process. Post-creation, you can focus on generating your first topic. To exemplify, you might aim to enable employees to request a vacation day easily. This involves setting specific parameters such as date and leave types. With access to the PVA's Copilot, you have an invaluable tool for creating curated topics.


Upon generating your first topic using the Copilot prompt, the platform will populate an array of trigger phrases and leave types relevant to your topic. However, it is worth reviewing what has been generated to ensure it meets your requirements. You can leverage the Copilot's capabilities to add or adjust nodes, ensuring the bot's functionalities are fine-tuned to your requirements.


In sum, creating a topic with the PVA's Copilot offers a significant productivity boost. Whether you are adding trigger phrases or drafting message variations, this AI-powered assistant is an invaluable resource. Keep in mind, while its technical alterations can present challenges, overall, it provides an excellent starting point for creating and organizing your chatbot ecosystem. Happy bot building!



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