How to Create a Team or Communication Site in SharePoint
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Sep 26, 2023 6:00 PM

How to Create a Team or Communication Site in SharePoint

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Unlock better connectivity with Team & Communication Sites via SharePoint. Share docs, collaborate and more in the Microsoft cloud.

The video is a tutorial on how to create a Team or Communication site using Microsoft services. The primary user base for these services are those in professional or corporate settings who need to establish systematic and efficient communication and document management across their teams. The choices provided in the video are to create a Team site, designed for connecting people within a team, or a Communication site, meant for catering to a wider workplace audience.

Microsoft's cloud-based utility is emphasized, where internally and externally collaborating individuals can share and use these sites. The video mentions the safe use of these platforms without expounding on the details.

Additional relevant platforms for broader content are highlighted, including SharePoint, a mobile, intelligent intranet service, SharePoint adoption, and introduction to SharePoint and OneDrive in Microsoft 365 for administrators. The broader Microsoft 365 & Power Platform community is also referred to for those interested. Details on certain sample galleries and video content within these communities are given but the video does not explain the content's relevance or applications to the main topic.

A Deeper Dive into Microsoft's Team and Communication Sites

The main topic revolves around efficient communication and document management solutions offered by Microsoft. In professional environments, these tools become quintessential in enabling smooth operational transactions. One of the tools, Team site, connects people on a team allowing seamless interaction, while Communication site has a broader reach encompassing the entire workforce of a company.

Both the solutions ensure secure sharing of documents and other work-related content, contributing to safer, smarter workplaces. These platforms expand the possibilities of remote work and collaboration with people outside the organization, breaking down geographical barriers.

The video further signals SharePoint, a service delivering an intelligent mobile intranet and OneDrive, both of which play significant roles in the Microsoft 365 suite. Microsoft's Power Platform community is also mentioned, hinting towards their initiative of building a community enabling knowledge sharing and growth for administrators and users alike.

Learn about Create a team or communication site

The video is about learning how to create a team or communication site using Microsoft's SharePoint and OneDrive. The video provides a tutorial on using these platforms to connect people within a team or to reach a broader company audience. The goal is to collaborate and share various documents and work-related materials safely with both internal and external partners using the Microsoft cloud.

A notable point from the video is that SharePoint is referred to as a "mobile, intelligent intranet." It is Microsoft's useful tool for creating dynamic and productive team sites. There are numerous learning resources provided, including support from Microsoft's official site, SharePoint's product details, adoption guides, and an introductory course for administrators. These resources can enhance one's understanding of SharePoint and OneDrive in Microsoft 365.



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