Free Power Platform Developer Environment Setup Guide
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Sep 29, 2023 5:56 PM

Free Power Platform Developer Environment Setup Guide

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Explore and hone your skills with a free Microsoft Power Platform developer environment with access to premium features!

The author, Rishona Elijah [MVP], addresses the topic of establishing a complimentary developer environment for Power Platform. This environment provides a space to experiment with Power Platform tools and enhance your capabilities. This platform comes without a cost, with no expiration date, and includes access to high-level features such as AI Builder, Dataverse, premium connectors, and allows the building of model-driven apps and Power Pages.

Importantly, any development within this environment remains private, making it ideal for learners and testers. A user can sign up for maximum three developer platforms using their corporate account, assuming their organisation has no restrictions.

The registration process is outlined next, with users required to go to the Power Platform admin center and using their professional account to sign in. Under 'Environments', select the '+New' option.

The following steps guide the user in labeling their environment, choosing their region, setting the 'Type' to Developer, and proceeding. It asks you to pick your language, currency, and to turn the 'Deploy sample apps' option to 'Yes'. Save the settings at this point.

There will be a notification showing that the environment is getting ready. After approximately five minutes, the environment should be up and running. Before one begins to build, make sure to select the environment in the Power Platform tools.

You can find your environment in Power Apps, Power Automate, Power Pages, Power Virtual Agents.

General Topic Overview

Power Platform's Developer Environment represents a significant advance in application development and testing. This platform's ease of use, accessibility, and protection of privacy make it an ideal tool for developers at all levels. The platform's ability to toggle on the 'Deploy sample apps' feature, allowing developers to deploy and test applications, is particularly noteworthy. Furthermore, the availability of premium features such as the Dataverse, AI Builder, and high-quality connectors elevate the platform's capabilities, making it desirable for experimenter, learners, and professional developers. More Information

By guiding the developer in setting up and personalizing their environment, this tutorial lowers the barrier of entry into the world of app development. The Power Platform's Developer Environment, with its user-friendly interface, flexible accessibility, and powerful features, establishes a new benchmark for application development environments.

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Developer Tools - Free Power Platform Developer Environment Setup Guide

Learn about Create a free developer environment for Power Platform

Developing a free programming space on Power Platform can simplify your journey in enhancing your skills. These tools provide a secure space for experimentation where others cannot access your creations. This environment comes with several added features such as AI Builder, premium connectors, Power Pages, and so on.

You can establish up to 3 such dev environments associated with your professional account, depending on your organizational policies.

Procedure to Establish a Dev Environment

The Power Platform admin center is your starting point. After signing in with a professional account, you need to navigate to 'Environments' and select '+New'.

  • Assign a name to your environment and specify your region. Set the environment type as 'Developer' and proceed by clicking 'Next'
  • Select your language and currency, then enable the 'Deploy sample apps' option and click 'Save'
  • 'Environment preparing' message will be displayed
  • Allow about 5 minutes for the preparation to complete. After that, your programming space will be accessible via Power Platform tools. Before starting the building process, make sure your environment is selected

The tools to check out are Power Apps, Power Automate, Power Pages and Power Virtual Agents.

Remember, establishing your programming space gives you the freedom to experiment and learn with Power Platform’s resources. It's cost-free and remains accessible for unlimited duration. This allows every budding developer an opportunity to grow and discover.

In conclusion, Power Platform through its Admin Center provides the capability to create a programming environment that is safe, enriching, and conducive to learning. The variety of tools at disposal empower developers and lead them towards proficiency in using Power Platform services. Don’t wait, sign up and create your dev environment today!

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