Custom Page Dialog Creation for Task Generation
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Sep 26, 2023 7:05 AM

Custom Page Dialog Creation for Task Generation

by HubSite 365 about Ben den Blanken (Power Addict Ben) [MVP]

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Discover the power of Custom Page Dialogs in Microsoft applications to efficiently guide users in generating tasks, enhancing user experience.

In the blog post by "Ben den Blanken (Power Addict Ben) [MVP]", he discusses creating a Custom Page Dialog to generate tasks. This concept aims to guide the user through complex tasks using variables that require human interpretation. Key parts of this process include creating the dialog to guide the user, determining the tasks to work on, and generating the tasks with the Custom Page Dialog.

The author extends a process described in a previous blog post, The Case of the Broken Screen, to manage tasks related to coordinating repair work and sending replacement parts all while personally informing the customer. This process is supported by the Tasks set-up from this blog post.

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Additionally, the author introduces the Custom Page Dialog and its associated controls that differ from standard Canvas Apps. These controls use Fluent UI to provide the same appearance and feel as model-driven applications. Steps to build your first custom page are offered with examples from his experience.

Understanding the Task Generator Custom Page Dialog and the Generate Button

The focus of the blog post is mainly on the Task Generator. The Custom Page designed to assist users generates tasks that the organization has specifically defined for case resolution. Based on case resolution, a task gets generated. For example, if a replacement is to be sent for a screen, a task is ultimately generated for this action in the logistics department.

The key to his approach is a basic list of checkboxes so the user can decide which parties to inform. It’s possible to create tasks too when a Checkbox is selected or set “Due Dates” on the tasks, depending on the type selected.

The Power Fx Logic used when the Generate button is clicked is also reviewed. Some of the major points include using a table of choices for the possible choices of radio buttons, the creation of the Dataverse Task record, and retrieving the case being worked on from the Param(“recordId”).

Launching the Page using Modern Commanding and the JavaScript Function

Lastly, it’s shown how to execute the Custom Page as a Dialog using a button on the Main Case Form. Modern Commanding is used to add buttons to the Ribbon. Adding a button called “Generate Tasks” is demonstrated, along with crafting the JavaScript function necessary.

The JavaScript function isn’t much different from the functions provided by Microsoft with slight variations based on particular use cases. Aspects like the pageInput variable, navigationOptions variable and part of the navigateTo function are discussed.

In conclusion, the Custom Page Dialog concept can be a powerful tool for enhancing user experience with Model-Driven Apps. This approach can also be a great way to tackle specific scenarios, and Ben encourages readers to experiment with it.

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Developer Tools - Custom Page Dialog Creation for Task Generation

Learn about Create a Custom Page Dialog to generate Tasks

The concept of creating a Custom Page Dialog to generate tasks is quite enriching. To guide an individual through a process that might be complex, providing steps as Tasks could be the solution. Nonetheless, the kind of Tasks to present might depend on variables requiring human interpretation, and this is where a Custom Page Dialog comes in handy.

The article dwells on a process, The Case of the Broken Screen, in which there are steps for coordinating repair work or sending replacement parts while ensuring the customer is informed. For this coordination, using the Tasks set-up from the referenced Blog post on the Case table can link Tasks to the case in focus.

A Custom Page Dialog known as the Generate Tasks Custom Page Dialog can guide the user on the Tasks to execute. Also, a Custom Page is a platform to incorporate Canvas App into model-driven apps. Custom Pages could appear as a full page, a side pane or pop-up with Controls using Fluent UI offering a look and feel like your Model-Driven App.

The user is then walked through the process of creating a custom page from within the solution they are working in, building the custom page, save and publish the page. To enhance the user experience, the Task Generator Custom Page Dialog is created.

In this custom page, users are assisted in generating tasks that the organizations have defined to resolve the case. Depending on the resolution of the Case, a Task is generated. After the resolution has been selected and the next step commenced, the user is given the opportunity to choose the party they want to inform about the case. Ticking checkboxes allows the user to inform multiple parties.

The Power Fx Logic when we press the Generate button is also explained. Additionally, the process of building the custom page and including it in the application is explained. For the user to call it as a Dialog, a button on the Main Case Form has to be added. Lastly, sections on how to operate the JavaScript function, and what it offers is explained.

To equip yourself with these skills, training courses available on the Microsoft Learn platform would be beneficial. Courses like ''Creating Model-Driven Applications in Power Apps'' designed for `software developers` or `application builders` interested in the Microsoft Power Platform technologies can be of immense help. Upon engaging with this article and harnessing the skills from the recommended training courses, no question about topic should arise.

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