Optimize SharePoint Search with Efficient Paging Tips
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Dec 13, 2023 3:00 PM

Optimize SharePoint Search with Efficient Paging Tips

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Correctly paging when searching SharePoint is a common challenge. Recently, I tackled a project that required a broad search across SharePoint to locate various documents for Power BI reporting. Utilizing PnP.PowerShell, I began the process, which initially appeared to be functioning as expected.

Searching SharePoint using PnP.PowerShell is typically straightforward. One executes a simple command: Invoke-PnPSearchQuery -Query $searchQuery, and it should, in theory, retrieve the necessary items. However, it became apparent that the client was experiencing issues with missing documents in their Power BI Report.

This indicates that even with the right tools, results can vary. Further investigation into the process and implementation of corrective measures might be needed to ensure all documents are accounted for when searching through the SharePoint environment.

Effective SharePoint Online Document Search for Power BI Reports

Correctly paging when searching SharePoint Online is a real scenario encountered during a project aimed at integrating documents into Power BI for comprehensive reporting. PnP.PowerShell was the chosen tool for the task, facilitating an efficient search across the tenant. This ability to search and retrieve a broad spectrum of documents is essential for thorough data analysis and reporting.

The use of PnP.PowerShell made it straightforward to perform searches within SharePoint. The simple command Invoke-PnPSearchQuery with the relevant query parameter initiated the search process. However, challenges arose when the accuracy of the search results came into question.

The issue at hand was a customer report that some documents were not being reflected in their Power BI Report. This pointed to potential gaps in the search process, highlighting the importance of comprehensive search optimization to ensure that all relevant documents are retrieved and accounted for in subsequent reports.

Understanding SharePoint Document Search and Integration

Searching through SharePoint and integrating the documents with Power BI is a task that many businesses face. PnP.PowerShell is a tool that simplifies this process, allowing for robust data sourcing for analytics. However, effectiveness in retrieving data can vary, and ensuring complete data retrieval is critical for accurate reporting in Power BI.

  • Using PnP.PowerShell is user-friendly and effective for SharePoint Online searches.
  • Ensuring a thorough search is essential for accuracy in Power BI reporting.
  • Addressing gaps in document retrieval is crucial for maintaining data integrity.
In general, searching and extracting documents from SharePoint Online to be utilized in Power BI can be a practical way to gather data for business analytics. The convenience that tools like PnP.PowerShell offer is vital for businesses that rely on these platforms for accurate data reporting. It's clear that there's a strong need for meticulous searching techniques to ensure no documents are missed. This highlights the importance of not just relying on the convenience of powerful scripts but also on the verification of their results to guarantee the integrity and completeness of reports generated from these searches.

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SharePoint Online - Optimize SharePoint Search with Efficient Paging Tips


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