2023 Ignite Updates: Bing Chat Ends, New Copilot Features
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Nov 22, 2023 1:00 AM

2023 Ignite Updates: Bing Chat Ends, New Copilot Features

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Discover Ignite 2023s Microsoft 365 Copilot updates, learn the ins and outs of Bing Chat, an AI-powered assistant revolutionizing web searches.

Copilot Updates from Ignite 2023 have brought a host of changes to Microsoft's suite of AI products. The latest Bing Chat developments were a key feature, enhancing how users can interact with web searches and perform complex tasks. A new video delivers a succinct summary of the main points.

Ignite 2023 has seen a wide range of updates and announcements related to
Microsoft 365 Copilot, Bing Chat, and Microsoft's other AI products. This video
provides an overview of some of the highlights.

  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 2:02 Copilot Works
  • 4:43 The Future is More Copilots
  • 8:15 Customization is Key

As part of the updates, different approaches to using Copilot have been outlined, showcasing its varied applications. Advancements also point towards a future with even more diverse uses for Copilot tools. Customization remains a central theme, emphasizing the ability to tailor AI to individual user needs.

The video includes content from Microsoft Ignite 2023's keynote, diving into the details of the Bing Chat tool. It explains how Bing Chat simplifies web searches, offering a more intuitive and interactive experience. By using Bing Chat, users gain a faster and vastly more efficient way to navigate the internet.

Bing Chat, an AI-powered assistant embedded in Microsoft products, now facilitates both simple and intricate queries. Whether conducting research, requesting summaries, or making product comparisons, Bing Chat streamlines the process. Its enhanced capabilities extend to producing text, images, and updating content to elevate the search experience.

Accessing Bing Chat is straightforward and can be done via the web, through Microsoft Edge, or on mobile devices. The web-based version is available by navigating to Bing's website and selecting the Chat function. For those using Microsoft Edge, Bing Chat is effortlessly reachable in the browser’s sidebar.

On mobile devices, Bing Chat's functionalities can be harnessed through the Microsoft Bing or Microsoft Edge applications. This availability spans across both iOS and Android platforms. These integrations offer a seamless experience for users looking for quick access to AI tools on the move.

Getting started with Bing Chat is a breeze. Users can set how the AI communicates with them by choosing between three conversation styles - Creative, Precise, and Balanced. Creative is for those who prefer elaborate responses, Precise suits users in need of straight-to-the-point information, and Balanced is for a mix of both.

Each conversation style is tailored to suit different user needs, whether writing stories, performing calculations, or planning trips. Bing Chat’s customization feature allows for a more personalized interaction, aligning with specific tasks and preferences. These styles make Bing Chat versatile for a variety of use cases.


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