New Copilot Feature Integrates with Windows 10 - Ep 311
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Nov 24, 2023 1:00 AM

New Copilot Feature Integrates with Windows 10 - Ep 311

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The "365 Message Center Show" recently announced that Microsoft Copilot, previously known as Bing Chat, is set to expand its features to Windows 10 desktop users. Confirming Microsoft's ongoing commitment to support the substantial number of devices still running Windows 10, this integration brings chat and search experiences straight to the desktop environment. This upgrade is anticipated to include a new feature allowing users to activate Copilot to interact with their workplace data, enhancing productivity and user experience.

Microsoft is extending the reach of Copilot experiences to the Windows 10
desktop. There are still tens of thousands of computers running Windows 10.
Microsoft Copilot (formerly known as Bing Chat) will be available as a chat /
search experience. Surely this will include the new switch to turn on Copilot to
use with your work data (formerly Bing Chat Enterprise.).
Also on this episode:
  • 0:00 Intro
  • 3:48 Collaborative Notes in Channel Meetings - MC690924
  • 10:55 Name changes of Project for web - MC690608
  • Name changes Tasks by Planner and To Do - MC690607
  • 17:30 Announcing the general availability of new Teams on web for Edge and
  • Chrome - MC690598
  • 21:54 Copilot coming to Windows 10 - MC690505
  • 26:36 Organizational Data in Microsoft 365 - MC690182
  • 31:06 Additional Teams Meeting Templates Added to Outlook Teams Add-In -
  • MC690180
  • 34:24 Together mode and content share layout improvement - MC689501
  • 37:20 Microsoft Teams: Meeting chat invitations from unmanaged users - MC689496

The episode also covers a breadth of updates across Microsoft services, starting with the introduction of Collaborative Notes in Channel Meetings, simplifying note-taking and information sharing within meeting channels. Viewers were informed about the renaming of Project for the web, along with Tasks by Planner and To Do, indicating a rebranding strategy within Microsoft's project management tools. The hosts then highlighted the general availability of updated Teams experiences for users of Edge and Chrome browsers.

In addition to these updates, the show discusses the inclusion of Organizational Data in Microsoft 365, providing deeper insights and analytics for enterprise users. Teams Meeting Templates in the Outlook Teams Add-In received an expansion, offering more customization options for organizing and conducting meetings in Teams. Content share layout and Together mode within Teams meetings saw improvements, streamlining virtual collaborations. Lastly, the episode addresses how Teams deals with meeting chat invitations from unmanaged, or external, users, tackling concerns around security and communication management in the platform.

Further Insights on Microsoft Copilot Integration

Microsoft Copilot's arrival on Windows 10 signifies a major update for users who prefer or require the use of older operating systems. Incorporating advanced AI capabilities into the desktop environment revolutionizes how professionals interact with technology, making routine tasks more efficient through intuitive chat and search functions. Copilot's expansion reflects Microsoft's strategy to embed artificial intelligence across its product suite, ensuring users have constant access to smart assistance, regardless of the platform they operate on. The comprehensive approach not only cements Microsoft's role as a tech innovator but also demonstrates the company's dedication to enhancing user experiences by integrating intelligent features within familiar environments.

Microsoft Copilot - New Copilot Feature Integrates with Windows 10 - Ep 311


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