Outlook Copilot - Manage Meetings Efficiently
Nov 1, 2023 5:00 AM

Outlook Copilot - Manage Meetings Efficiently

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Stay informed with Microsoft Outlooks upcoming feature: Copilot. Follow missed meetings, get notified about recaps, & engage with Copilot chat!

Microsoft has announced a forthcoming addition to Copilot in Outlook that lets users catch up with Teams meetings they missed. Once the meeting starts, Teams informs the organizer to start a recording. Upon the completion of the recording, Copilot notifies users that the meeting recap is available for viewing directly in Outlook. This will make it possible for users to utilize the Copilot Chat in Outlook to pose questions or get a summary without having to leave their inbox.

  • Coming soon: Follow a Teams meeting from Outlook.

  • Teams notifies the organizer to record the meeting.

  • Copilot informs you when the meeting recap is ready for viewing.

  • The meeting recap is directly available in Outlook.

  • Copilot Chat in Outlook allows questions or requests for summaries without leaving the inbox.

Deeper Dive into the Main Topic

The outlined feature is a step forward in improving user experience with office communications. With the integration of Copilot in Outlook with Teams, users can keep track of their meetings even when they are not able to attend. Moreover, notifications and update facilities ensure seamless sharing of information, and the possibility to ask questions or request summaries via Copilot Chat enhances the convenience. Overall, the update focuses on increasing efficiency, better integration between Teams and Outlook, and fostering a high degree of interconnectedness.

Learn about Copilot in Outlook | Keep up with Meetings

The video talks about the upcoming new feature in Co-Pilot for Outlook which allows users to keep track of Teams meetings they cannot attend. This technology notifies the organizer to record the meeting as it starts, and alerts the user when the meeting recap is ready. Users can then view the recap directly in Outlook. It also introduces the Co-Pilot Chat, where users can ask questions or get a summary without having to leave the Outlook inbox interface.

  • For individuals interested in learning more about these features, they should explore online resources about Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Teams, with particular attention to the integration of both tools.

  • Participation in various training courses focusing on Microsoft applications can provide deeper insight on this topic. This may include taking up courses like 'Managing Modern Desktops' and 'Microsoft 365 Fundamentals' to fully understand the capabilities of Outlook’s new features.

  • It would be beneficial to join forums and discussion boards about Microsoft products, as these platforms allow sharing and exchange of knowledge, experiences, and best practices amongst its users.

  • Attending webinars and seminars hosted by Microsoft or other tech companies are also recommended to keep up-to-date with the new advancements in Outlook and other similar tools.

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