Copilot: Building Responsive PowerApps | Overview
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Jul 30, 2023 6:30 AM

Copilot: Building Responsive PowerApps | Overview

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By simply describing our app to Copilot, we'll witness the creation of a fully responsive canvas PowerApp, tailored to our needs. But that's not all—stay tuned

The text introduces Copilot, a tool used to build fully responsive canvas PowerApps just by describing the app to it. Copilot is shown to integrate a Chatbot within the app, enabling users to easily access metrics and data. It is also demonstrated how Copilot converts SharePoint list data into fully responsive apps. The goal is to unveil the full potential of Copilot AI through a comprehensive tutorial.

  • Getting Started with Copilot AI

  • Using Copilot to Manipulate Dataverse

  • Responsive App Overview

  • Overview of New Microsoft Responsive Preview

  • Adding Copilot Chatbot to App

  • Using Copilot with SharePoint Lists

  • Delegation Warning Discussion

  • Delegation Remediation

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Core Highlights about Copilot

Copilot enables the generation of PowerApps and integrates chatbot within the app, allowing users to access metrics and data effortlessly. Notably, it has the capability to transform SharePoint list data into a responsive app. Ultimately, it exemplifies a game-changer in the app development realm where descriptions are converted into functioning apps.

Learn about Copilot: Building Responsive PowerApps | Overview

Microsoft PowerApps Copilot is a powerful tool that can be used to create responsive canvas apps that are tailored to specific needs. It can be used to manipulate Microsoft Dataverse data, add a chatbot to the app to enable users to access metrics and data more easily, and transform SharePoint list data into a fully responsive app. In this tutorial, we will cover how to get started with Copilot AI, how to use it to manipulate Dataverse, an overview of the new Microsoft Responsive Preview, how to add Copilot Chatbot to an app, how to use Copilot with SharePoint Lists, and a discussion about delegation warnings and how to remediate them.

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