Continuous Authentication in PowerApps
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Apr 26, 2023 2:00 PM

Continuous Authentication in PowerApps

by HubSite 365 about Ilya Fainberg

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Don't let anyone access your sensitive data! With this PowerApps solution, you can implement ContinuousAuthentication using AI

💡Don't let anyone access your sensitive data! 🔒 With this solution, you can implement using to keep data secure even if your phone is stolen while unlocked.

🤔 With Continuous Authentication your identity is verified throughout the entire session, minimizing potential threat in real time. This can be done with, behavioral analysis, and other methods. My example uses FaceAPI and the device's camera to verify the user, on top of all the other / security measures.

💼 Who is this for? If you have enterprise mobile apps that display sensitive data, make sure that only you can look at it. Someone stole your phone while it was unlocked? they will be prevented from seeing that data. The same method can even be used to detect people looking over your shoulder.

🎁Get it on as an unmanaged solution:

Continuous Authentication in PowerApps

Continuous Authentication in PowerApps is a feature that allows users to stay logged in to the PowerApps platform for up to 30 days without having to enter their credentials again. This feature allows users to access their apps and content without having to log in each time. Additionally, it ensures that their data is secure as it can only be accessed by the user who is logged in. Continuous Authentication also helps to ensure that apps are responsive and available to users whenever they need them.

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Continuous authentication is a method of verification aimed at providing identity confirmation and cybersecurity protection on an ongoing basis.

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