2024 MS Word Template Creation with Power Platform & SharePoint
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Feb 12, 2024 4:00 PM

2024 MS Word Template Creation with Power Platform & SharePoint

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Currently I am sharing my knowledge with the Power Platform, with PowerApps and Power Automate. With over 8 years of experience, I have been learning SharePoint and SharePoint Online

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Streamline Document Workflow: Master MS Word, Power Platform & SharePoint for 2024 Projects!

Key insights


  • The project involves a complete Microsoft Word Template Project for 2024, utilizing SharePoint, Power Apps, and Power Automate to streamline document management and workflow automation.

  • Content types in SharePoint are used as templates, allowing for reusable collections of metadata, workflows, and settings to ensure consistency and compliance across documents.

  • Key steps include designing a Word template, sharing it on SharePoint, automating document creation with Power Automate, customizing data integration with Power Apps, and enhancing collaboration and accessibility.

  • Utilizing SharePoint for storing and sharing templates enables centralized access and permission control, ensuring document integrity and security.

  • Integrating with Power Platform components—specifically Power Automate and Power Apps—enables automated document creation and dynamic data integration, respectively, for a more efficient process.

Expanding on the Integration of Microsoft Word Templates with SharePoint and Power Platform

In today's fast-paced work environment, managing documents efficiently and automating workflows are crucial for boosting productivity and ensuring consistency across an organization's operations. Microsoft's ecosystem, particularly the integration of Microsoft Word Templates with SharePoint and the Power Platform, offers a robust solution to these challenges. By leveraging Word Templates within SharePoint, teams can maintain a unified approach to document creation, ensuring that all materials adhere to company standards and compliance requirements.

Power Automate further streamlines this process by automating routine tasks and document generation based on specific triggers. This not only saves valuable time but also reduces the likelihood of human error. Similarly, Power Apps provides a flexible and interactive platform for data entry and collection, allowing for the creation of customized forms and interfaces that feed data directly into documents. This level of integration facilitates a seamless flow of information across different teams and departments.

Moreover, this combined approach enhances collaborative efforts, as SharePoint and Microsoft Teams integration allows for real-time communication and feedback on documents. The implementation of version control within SharePoint safeguards the integrity of documents, ensuring that revisions are tracked, and the most current versions are always accessible.

In conclusion, by embracing the power of Microsoft 365’s suite of tools, organizations can achieve a comprehensive and efficient document management system. This not only propels productivity forward but also significantly improves the management and automation of document-related workflows, poised to meet the demands of 2024 and beyond.


Andrew Hess from MySPQuestions is embarking on a journey to create a complete project using MS Word Templates, SharePoint, Power Apps, and Power Automate. The goal is to leverage the combination of these powerful tools to streamline document management and workflow automation. This is intended to be a three-part series, promising insights into the efficient use of Microsoft's technologies over the coming weeks.

In his informative video, Hess demonstrates how to set up a Document Library in SharePoint utilizing Word Templates. He opts for readily available templates provided by Microsoft, focusing on a certificate template and a memo template. This choice allows users to see the practical application of these templates in real-world scenarios.

Furthermore, the video delves into the utilization of content types within SharePoint. Content types enable the organization and management of data more effectively by allowing for the customization of metadata, workflows, and document templates. This feature is crucial for ensuring consistency, compliance, and efficient document management across organizations.

Andrew Hess's guide includes several key steps to create a Microsoft Word Template Project that integrates seamlessly with the Power Platform and SharePoint for the year 2024. The process begins with designing a Word template tailored to the specific needs of the project, followed by storing and sharing this template on SharePoint for easy team access.

Automation of document creation is achieved through Power Automate, setting up workflows triggered by various events. This automation ensures that new documents are generated, populated with data, and saved in a designated SharePoint library or folder efficiently.

The integration of Power Apps allows for a flexible data entry interface. This app can collect data from users and other sources, demonstrating the dynamic capabilities of the Power Platform in enhancing document generation processes. Power Apps connect to a multitude of data sources, ensuring a comprehensive approach to data management and application.

To ensure effective collaboration and document accessibility, the SharePoint library must be well-organized and integrated with Microsoft Teams. This integration supports real-time communication and document editing, underpinned by version control in SharePoint to maintain document integrity and keep track of changes.

By integrating Microsoft Word Templates with the Power Platform and SharePoint, Andrew Hess outlines a powerful method for managing document workflows. This approach not only boosts productivity but also guarantees consistency in document creation and promotes team collaboration. Utilizing Microsoft 365's tools, the proposed system offers a robust solution for document management in 2024 projects.

Expanding on the Power Platform

The Power Platform represents a transformative approach to business operations, combining Power BI, Power Apps, and Power Automate, along with Power Virtual Agents, to offer businesses a comprehensive suite for managing data, workflows, and app development. These tools empower organizations to analyze data, automate processes, develop applications, and build virtual agents with ease. By capitalizing on its integration capabilities, especially with Microsoft 365 and SharePoint, entities can enhance operational efficiency, foster collaboration, and drive innovation. Furthermore, its user-friendly nature encourages adoption across various departments, enabling users with different technical skills to automate tasks, analyze data, and create solutions, thereby democratizing access to technology and facilitating digital transformation.


Understanding Power Platform and SharePoint Integration for Document Management

Creating a Microsoft Word Template project with the integration of the Power Platform and SharePoint is showcased in the discussed video. This integration forms a comprehensive system, designed to significantly streamline document management and workflow automation for businesses and organizations. By combining the capabilities of MS Word Templates, SharePoint, Power Apps, and Power Automate, users can create an efficient and seamless procedure for generating, storing, and managing documents.

Andrew Hess from MySPQuestions demonstrates how to set up a SharePoint Document Library with Word Templates and utilize out-of-the-box templates provided in Microsoft Word. This includes certificate and memo templates, which can be customized and utilized across an organization. Hess also emphasizes the use of SharePoint content types, which allow for the creation of reusable collections of metadata, workflows, and document templates. This setup ensures consistency, enhances collaboration, and adheres to compliance requirements across documents and lists.

The video provides a step-by-step guide covering the entire project, from creating a SharePoint site to testing the integration. Key stages include creating site columns and content types, making a new Document Library, adding content types with templates, and incorporating Quick Parts for document customization. This detailed guide aims to leverage the full potential of Microsoft 365's suite of tools for document management, catering to the specific needs of any project or organization.

People also ask

"How do I complete a Word template?"

Answer: Utilize "Word" to fulfill the task.

"How to populate a Word template with repeating content control?"

Answer: To display the Controls task pane if it's not already visible, either click on More Controls from the Insert menu or use the keyboard shortcut ALT+I, C. Go under Insert controls and select Repeating Section. Then, to incorporate controls into the repeating section, simply drag your desired controls from the Controls task pane directly into the repeating section within your form template.

"Can Power Automate create a Word document?"

Answer: Certainly, Power Automate is capable of populating a Word document template with specified values and can even convert this document into a PDF. While updating single text fields in a PDF is straightforward, adopting a repeating section necessitates the use of distinct coding techniques.

"What sort of projects can you make using a template in Microsoft Word?"

Answer: Word document templates empower you to craft a wide variety of projects, ranging from designing professional resumes and creating business invoices to customizing annual calendars. Moreover, these templates serve as valuable tools for streamlining various internal operations within your business.



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