Comprehensive SharePoint Loop App Guide: Components & Workspaces
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Sep 11, 2023 6:18 PM

Comprehensive SharePoint Loop App Guide: Components & Workspaces

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Uncover the power of Microsofts Loop App with SharePoint for innovative collaboration and optimized performance.

Today, the public preview of the Microsoft Loop app has been announced. Microsoft Loop is a co-creation tool, designed to allow individuals, regardless of their location or preferred toolset, to work on shared projects with ease. The Loop app serves as a singular workspace for project resources, incorporating an intuitive search function to aid in project initiation.

SharePoint is vital to Loop's operation, providing underlying storage and collaboration technology. This integration allows Loop and SharePoint to offer a unified co-creation experience for modern workflows.

For the Loop app to function optimally on SharePoint, considerable planning and work were required. Four crucial enhancements have been identified:

  • Tree Structured Storage – By shifting from traditional file stream architecture to tree-structured storage, SharePoint has enhanced its performance and flexibility, allowing for collaboration and adaptation with the Fluid Framework, the basis for Microsoft Loop.
  • Performance Optimizations – The real-time collaboration and editing capabilities of the Loop app are of high performance, benefiting numerous Microsoft 365 and Azure scenarios.
  • Personal and Work – Loop is simultaneously available for both personal (MSA) and organization (AAD) accounts due to SharePoint's support for both authentication models.
  • Security and Compliance – Loop, through SharePoint, maintains industry-leading standards on these fronts.

Several Microsoft 365 applications, including OneDrive, Sites, Designer, Syntex, Office, Teams, Viva, Stream, Whiteboard, Search, Yammer, and Lists, are powered by SharePoint. Further information and announcements about Loop will be shared at the upcoming Microsoft 365 Conference.

Deep Dive into Microsoft Loop's Functionality and Integration with SharePoint

The Microsoft Loop app utilizes the SharePoint platform to combine teams, content and tasks from varied tools and devices, thereby enhancing co-creation. Its underlying technology, the Fluid Framework, grants Loop significant flexibility and innovative collaboration potentials. Optimization efforts have not only improved the performance of SharePoint, but have also driven improvements across several Microsoft 365 and Azure scenarios. Moreover, Loop stays in compliance with security standards, all the while giving clients a swift and unified experience. More revelations about the Microsoft Loop app are expected to be shared at the forthcoming Microsoft 365 Conference, giving further insights into this modern co-creation tool.


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Learn about Complete Guide to SharePoint Loop App: Exploring Components, Pages & Workspaces

The blog post discusses the launch of Microsoft's Loop app, which is now available in the public preview phase. Loop aims at enhancing co-creation by offering an efficient workspace that centralizes teams, content, and tasks, with SharePoint being the underlying technology behind it.

The combination of Loop and SharePoint makes it possible to provide a modern co-creation experience, with Loop expanding and innovating quickly on the SharePoint platform. The blog notes a few significant enhancements enabled by SharePoint:

  • Tree Structured Storage: SharePoint has evolved from traditional file stream architecture to tree-structured storage. This advancement uses B-Tree graph nodes, paving the way for advanced collaboration capabilities and unparalleled data structuring flexibility. This architecture also supports various apps, including Microsoft Stream, Designer, Whiteboard, and the Microsoft Loop.
  • Performance Optimizations: The Loop app also spotlights editing and real-time collaboration, introducing improvements in performance throughout numerous Azure and Microsoft 365 scenarios, along with Windows and Chromium http stacks.
  • Personal and Work: Loop's current availability for both personal (MSA) and organizational use makes its launch a substantial milestone.

To learn more about Loop, SharePoint, and their integration, one can explore Microsoft's official blogs and forums or participate in specific training courses such as the SharePoint Training Course by Microsoft or Collaborative Apps training.


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