Complete Guide to Integrating Insta360 Inside Microsoft Teams
Jan 26, 2023 9:00 AM

Complete Guide to Integrating Insta360 Inside Microsoft Teams

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Unlock Microsoft Teams potential with our Insta360 introduction.

In this episode, we feature the Insta360 webcam. Its ability to be a webcam,

whiteboard cam, and overhead cam separates it from many of its competitors. Check out our full look at this new entry into the webcam market above.

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Introduction to Insta360 | Inside Microsoft Teams is a free interactive learning experience designed to help you get the most out of your Insta360 camera within Microsoft Teams. This experience allows you to explore the basics of shooting with an Insta360 camera, and learn how to incorporate 360-degree content into your video meetings on Teams. You are guided through eight lessons that cover topics such as setting up your camera, capturing photos and videos, editing footage in Adobe Premiere Pro and sharing it with others via Teams. Along the way, you’ll also have access to helpful resources including tutorials and tips from experts at Insta360.

Microsoft Teams is a collaboration app built for hybrid work so you and your team stay informed, organized, and connected — all in one place.

Microsoft Teams is a messaging app for teams where all conversations, meetings, files, and notes can be accessed by everyone, all in one place.

An introduction to creating custom apps for Microsoft Teams built on the Microsoft Teams Platform.