Power Platform & D365: Extensions & Community Tools
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Oct 29, 2023 10:45 PM

Power Platform & D365: Extensions & Community Tools

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Boost productivity with Community Tools & Extensions, empower your Power Platform & D365 operations with enhanced solutions!

A Look at Community Tools and Extensions for Power Platform and Business Application Systems

Microsoft Power Platform and related business systems have vastly transformed the manner in which businesses function, presenting a myriad of tools that enable enterprises to autonomously examine data, formulate solutions, instantiate processes, and devise virtual agents.

This revolutionary technology isn't the end of it; there exists an active and passionate community of developers and tech enthusiasts who have curated a wide assortment of tools and extensions to further augment these platforms.

Interesting findings await as we delve deeper!

Exploring Tools for Microsoft Dataverse

An essential component in this ecosystem is XrmToolBox, a Windows application interfacing with Dataverse for simplifying customization, configuration, and operation-related tasks. This is of vital importance for personnel dealing with this business software application.

  • Metadata Browser: Simplifies browsing through Dataverse metadata.
  • FetchXML Builder: Facilitates FetchXML queries construction and testing.
  • Plugin Trace Viewer: Assists in viewing and interpreting trace logs generated by system plug-ins.
  • Solution Components Mover: Enables shifting components between solutions within Dataverse.
  • Attribute Editor: Allows bulk editing for entity attributes.
  • Data Import/Export: Numerous plugins for data import/export.

Besides, the Visual Studio Code hosts extensions like Dataverse DevTools and Power Apps Portal Helper, which help streamline the development process.

Spotlight on Chrome Web Store extensions

There are also some useful Chrome extensions like the Power Pane sidebar that contain several handy tools and features to expedite operations when working with this business application. It includes functionalities like access to the advanced navigation, and the 'God Mode' that disables all client-scripts and unlocks all fields for easier debugging.

Other noteworthy tools include Power Apps Checkers, FetchXML Builder, Power Automate Visualizer, PCF Gallery, and others which aid in Power Apps development, testing, and efficient debugging tasks.

These myriad community-created tools and extensions facilitate a considerable improvement in productivity, making it more feasible to create, debug, and deploy applications. However, these are unsupported by Microsoft and for any queries or issues, one should reach out to the tool's publisher.

Further Insights into Microsoft Power Platform and Business Tools

The Microsoft Power Platform and business application are crucial components in today's digital business landscape, enhancing operational and process efficiency significantly. Engaging tools and extensions created by the user community further enrich its capability, covering various functional areas and making it a comprehensive suite that effectively caters to distinct business needs. These productivity enhancers take the system's utility to another level, enabling users to fully leverage software capabilities for optimized business processes and robust decision-making.

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Dynamics 365 - Power Platform & D365: Extensions & Community Tools

Learn about Community Tools & Extensions | Power Platform & D365

Microsoft Power Platform and Dynamics 365 have reinvented the manner in which businesses function, by offering a suite of powerful tools to analyze data, build efficient solutions, automate processes, and create virtual agents. However, what adds more value to these offerings is a thriving community of passionate developers and enthusiasts who have dedicated their time and efforts to create an array of tools and extensions to refine these platforms.

Let's gain a deeper understanding of these tools which makes it easier for anyone to navigate the world of Power Platform and D365.

Community Tools for Microsoft Dataverse

We start with the XrmToolBox, a Windows application that connects to Dataverse. This tool is aimed at simplifying customization, configuration, and operational tasks making it an essential ally for any developer working with D365. Also, a number of plugins available in this toolbox assist in tasks like metadata browsing, code generation, data import/export, synchronization, etc.

Do note, new plugins get added to the XrmToolBox quite often as it is a community-driven tool. You can even add your own plugins to address your specific needs.

Choosing Visual Studio Code over Extensions

If Visual Studio Code is your preferred area of work, there are extensions like Dataverse DevTools and Power Apps Portal Helper which can make your development process smoother. They provide features like IntelliSense for schema names, syntax highlighting for Liquid templates, and much more.

Power Platform Developer Tools from Microsoft

In addition to community-developed tools, Microsoft also provides its range of developer tools for the Power Platform. These include Power Platform CLI and Power Platform Tools for Visual Studio that assist in rapid creation, debugging, and deployment of plug-ins.

Adding to the Experience with Chrome Extensions

For those preferring Google Chrome as their browser, there are few Chrome extensions available that can enhance the experience with D365. These include Dynamics 365 Power Pane and Level up for Dynamics 365/Power Apps. Though they offer a powerful aid for development and debugging, remember these should be used responsibly and not to bypass any rules or restrictions set up by the organization's administrators.

Further Assistance with Other Tools

Beyond the above mentioned, there are other community-driven tools like Power Apps Checkers, FetchXML Builder, Power Automate Visualizer, and PCF Gallery. They help in analysing Power Apps applications for performance, building and testing FetchXML queries, providing a visual representation of Power Automate flows and in looking for custom components for Power Apps applications respectively.

So, the community around Microsoft Power Platform and D365 is expanding, and along with it, the list of tools and extensions. These can significantly boost your productivity while making the process of building, debugging and deploying applications a lot easier.

However, do remember these community-created tools are unsanctioned by Microsoft; it is advised to contact the publisher of the tool for any questions or issues.

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