Consolidating SharePoint News Across Multiple Sites
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Sep 26, 2023 3:12 PM

Consolidating SharePoint News Across Multiple Sites

by HubSite 365 about Ellen van Aken

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Boost audience engagement and publisher reach by efficiently sharing SharePoint News posts across different sites - your ultimate Microsoft guide.

Ellen van Aken's insightful blog post discusses ways to effectively consolidate SharePoint news from various sites. According to her, news sharing provides a well-rounded experience for your audience, amplifying news content without the need for self-publishing and simultaneously benefiting other content creators.

She mentions three different methods to add news posts from different platforms to your news feed.

The first approach is using the "Add News Link" feature which lets you add a single post. The source link is used to reference the original content, creating a bridge back to the original webpage. Yet it does not replicate the content, rather, it creates a viewport to the original content.

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Additionally, she notes the creation of a new page in your Site Pages Library upon clicking the title or post image. This feature proves extremely helpful for the occasional post addition, while active monitoring is recommended to avoid error messages caused by deletions from the original source.

A second option she advises is to permanently add one or more news sources to your news section. With this, news from the added sites will mingle with yours based on their publishing date. This helps in creating diversification in your news feed.

The third method proposed leverages SharePoint’s "Hub" function. By connecting related sites into one hub, you can provide a collective platform for related news. This streamline approach, combined with the other methods, ensures an enriching mix of posts.

Understanding SharePoint Online

Van Aken further elaborates on the compatibility of Team Sites and Communication Sites with these options, highlighting the importance of accessibility. Particularly in the case of Team Sites, it’s crucial to ensure that permission levels for the audience are apt in order to avoid any disruption.

The provision to create a News Digest from this consolidated news feed is another notable point. caution is emphasized in making sure that entire audience has access to all the news sites incorporated into the digest.

Last but not least, the concept of adding News Web Part to several pages is discussed. This feature allows diverse and detailed news provisions in potentially larger organisations.

Thus, consolidating SharePoint News from different sites can lead to a more comprehensive and intriguing News environment.

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SharePoint Online - Consolidating SharePoint News Across Multiple Sites

Learn about Combining SharePoint News from different sites

Being able to share news posts from different sites onto yours can significantly improve your audience's news experience. This feature allows you to share other people's content without having to publish it personally, while simultaneously increasing their viewer reach.

In my prior role, we made frequent use of this component. Communications would select compelling news posts from various departments within the company and disseminate them on the intranet homepage. Conversely, local news publishers could occasionally incorporate corporate news into their respective outlets.

The process is relatively straightforward, but there might be a few things you might want to know. Here is a detailed guide;


  • A. One-Time Use: Use the Add News Link
  • B. Permanent: Add one or more news sources
  • C. Permanent: All sites in the hub

A. One-Time Use: Use the Add News Link

Adding a news link will display a single post on your news feed as though it was published on your site. To accomplish this, navigate to the News web part, click on New, and select "News link" instead of News post. Then you need to input the news post link in the popup. The post is then added to your News web part as if it were created by you.

Having this function comes in handy when wanting to incorporate a random post periodically. But be aware; if the original publisher deletes the post, the linked news on your end will display an error message.

B. Permanent: Add one or more news sources

By default, your site's news will display in the News web part. However, you can also opt to show news from other locales. To do this, access the page with the News web part and click the Edit button. This is a more permanent method to showcase news feeds from multiple sources together.

C. Permanent: All sites in the hub

If you have an array of sites that are interrelated, you can create a Hub site to amalgamate them. Unlike the "News Link" options, these posts will bear the name of their original site leaving no reference page on your Site Pages Library.

2. Incorporating Team Sites

Both Team sites and Communication sites can utilize the above three options, allowing you to share essential project updates with a wider audience, considering that access permissions are correctly managed.

3. Managing Permissions!

Ensure that any posts or sites included in your News web part or News Digest are accessible to your audience. Accessibility is particularly crucial in the case of Team sites that usually have stricter permissions compared to an organization-wide Communication site.

4. Creating a Digest from Combined News

You can convert all News posts in your web part into a News digest. This ensures that your audience gets access to a comprehensive set of news, which they might be interested in.

5. Using the News Web Part More Than Once

The News web part is most likely present on your site's Home page, but you can create as many News web parts as you desire and configure them separately. This will allow you to share news from different sources effectively. It also comes in handy for tracking other posts and selecting any interesting ones to feature on your page.

If this guide is followed carefully, you will be well equipped to combine news from different sites, making your site a centralized hub for diverse news. Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any queries.

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