Colourful intranet videos in a grey time of year
Sep 25, 2023 9:04 PM

Colourful intranet videos in a grey time of year

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Experience vibrant intranet promotion videos from diverse brands, a thrilling quest for enriching your grey day!

The article is a collection of vibrant, promotional videos for various intranets, compiled by Ellen Van Aken to brighten up the dull time of the year. These videos are available on Vimeo and can be easily located using the tag ‘z-ott’. The compilation entails creative and visually-stimulating videos by different organizations.

The first video is ‘The Cube’, commissioned by the Singapore Government, with the timeless depiction of an information finding journey for large organizations symbolized through a virtual adventure in a jungle. The second one, named 'Velux One', is from a window manufacturing company and features a comical voice-over along with amusing statistics.

The third promotional video is from a healthcare organization, 'The Loop', that unveils the inception of a new intranet, whereas the fourth one is an interesting video game-themed video by Leroy Merlin, a European DIY retailer. Lastly, the article showcases ‘Fred’ from a German medical company, which is a delightful teaser video, filled with references to pop culture, and an incredible jazz background score. The video is translated in English, German, French, and Spanish.

For more information, you can watch these videos here.

Diving deeper into the world of intranet promotion videos

Intranet promotion videos capture the essence of their respective platforms in a captivating, dynamic way. Inspired by the aesthetics of cinema, these videos utilize various storytelling techniques to not only explain the functionality of their intranets but also to entertain their audiences. Just like the promotional videos compiled in the article, these visual narratives could employ a variety of styles, including surrealism, humor, adventure or even pop-art, providing information in an appealing, enjoyable format.

Moreover, this modern mode of communication is effective in reaching a broader audience with diverse language and cultural backgrounds, as the visual narrative often transcends linguistic barriers. Consequently, with the rise of remote working trends, more organizations are embracing this engaging form of promotion to make their intranets appealing to their decentralized workforce worldwide.

  • The Cube – Singapore Government's visionary quest regarding information retrieval in large organizations.
  • Velux One – A window manufacturing company presenting a unique comic take on intranet promotions.
  • The Loop – A healthcare organization portraying the birth of a new intranet in an engaging approach.
  • Leroy Merlin – A retailer introducing innovative intranet glasses for better inventory management.
  • Fred – A German medical company captivating audiences with their pop culture-heavy teaser video.


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Learn about Colourful intranet videos in a grey time of year


It's no secret that the doldrums of certain times of the year, particularly in the Northern hemisphere, can often be a bit grey and mundane. But, thanks to the vibrant, over-the-top promotional intranet videos, you can bring some color to these gloomy seasons. These videos, often prioritizing design over content, serve as a gateway to the delightful world of intranet technology, where innovation and functionality combine to provide practical solutions.

Discovering these fascinating videos is simple. All you need to do is enter "z-ott", a cipher for 'Over The Top', into the search bar of your chosen collection. By doing this, you'll uncover a plethora of fascinating intranet promotional videos, ranging from public organization clips to healthcare organization videos. Vimeo, a popular platform for these videos, requires login for access to some of their unrated videos - something worth noting as you explore.

One of these visually attractive videos is 'The Cube,' a decade old video created by the Singapore government. Despite its age, this interactive quest through a jungle and an old cellar beautifully metaphorizes the struggle of navigating large organizations' information mountains, thereby emphasizing the need for an efficient intranet system. Another noteworthy piece is 'Velux One,' a unique creation from a special windows manufacturer, which survived the onslaught of similar content thanks to its strikingly eccentric voice-over, animated creatures, and tongue-in-cheek statistics.


  • 'The Loop,' birthed by a healthcare organization, is another enlightening video that symbolically represents the creation of a new intranet system.
  • Leroy Merlin, a European DIY retailer, offers a lengthy but engaging video depicting a videogame-like interaction between a normal person and an individual donned in 'intranet glasses', potentially hinting towards an interesting intranet functionality in retail.
  • From the house of German medical products manufacturer Fred, is a teaser video, sublimely integrating references to cultural icons and art with a classy Jazz soundtrack playing in the background.


This treasure trove of intranet promotional videos, including many more equally compelling ones not mentioned above, serves as a unique and visually appealing introduction to the dynamic world of intranet technology. These videos can be instrumental in not only increasing our knowledge about the significance and wide-ranging utilities of intranet systems in different sectors but also add a captivating visual dimension to our understanding.

So delve into this cornucopia of creativity, and light up the monotony of your grey season with these brilliantly designed intranet promotional videos!


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