Solution Assessment App - Comprehensive CoE Starter Kit
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Sep 29, 2023 8:14 AM

Solution Assessment App - Comprehensive CoE Starter Kit

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Enhance your Microsoft solutions with our expert-led CoE Starter Kit, featuring the innovative Nurture Apps - Maker application.

CoE Starter Kit - A Step towards More Structured App Development

The CoE (Centre of Excellence) Starter Kit has been recently updated, introducing a model-driven application known as the ‘Nurture Apps – Maker’. The main premise of this new application is to offer a platform for creators to submit their solution assessment to the COE admin. The app comes pre-loaded with queries for makers, which aren't static and can be modified according to specific requirements. The primary goal of the application isn’t to offer an exhaustive assessment, but to provide valuable guidance to the creators when they commence strategizing their solution.

As creators progress, they get a chance to contemplate these questions, leading to the generation of a detailed report based on the chosen response parameters. Not only is this new application valuable for the creators but it also proves beneficial for the organization as a whole. Through this initiative, the Centre of Excellence can ensure that potential matters of concerns are brought to the makers' attention in a consistent and concise manner.

Different organizations often have varied priorities, with the need to highlight various limitations and questions. The solution assessment app can be customized fitting every organization's specific needs, thereby ensuring optimal efficiency. However, transforming this platform to suit specific organization needs may require some effort.

While this app doesn't serve as a 'fit-gap analysis' replacement, it focuses on making creators aware of potential hiccups, sees where they may need additional support from the COE, and ensures the development of a solution is not overly complicated for the creators. This application is unique as it makes the creators ponder over the essential factors, foresee potential issues and recognize areas where they might need additional support from the Centre of Excellence.

Is the mandatory presence of a Power Platform COE team crucial for your organization to make use of this app? That's not the case. As long as there's someone with the necessary expertise to create and correctly configure the solution assessment questions and assist in answering follow-up questions that the app makers may have post the completion of the assessment.

This could be a significant application that you may consider for an immediate rollout as it assists in adding a layer of consistency to all your Power Platform solutions. This ensures a more harmonized organization true to licensing, data, security, and usage aspects.

Universal Application of the CoE Starter Kit

On a more general note, the CoE Starter Kit facilitates organizations in developing structured and more topology-friendly applications. It is noteworthy for its adaptability, providing key insights, and imparting guidance, thus significantly improving the quality of the solution. The newly added 'Nurture Apps – Maker' model further complements these efforts, creating a win-win situation for both application creators and organizations alike.

For more details on the all-encompassing capabilities of the Developer Tools Starter Kit, click here.

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Developer Tools - Solution Assessment App - Comprehensive CoE Starter Kit

Learn about CoE Starter Kit – Solution Assessment App

The CoE Starter Kit – Solution Assessment App new release provides an essential tool for solution developers. Uniquely designed to enable application creators to submit assessments to the Centre of Excellence (CoE) administrators, this functionality offers valuable guidance to those at the start of the solution process.

Questions available for configuration can stimulate thinkers and provide a platform for a comprehensive report based on selected options. But why is this app important, and how can it be beneficial to both developers and organizations?

  • Highlighting key issues: The CoE uses this app as a platform to communicate queries to developers. Hence, it ensures potential problems are properly indicated whenever necessary.

  • Customizability: Organizations have the freedom to decide on crucial questions and pinpoint limitations, given contributions in the solution appraisal are fully adjustable. Thus, this app is a perfect fit for any organizational configuration.

  • Fit-gap analysis: Unlike fit-gap analysis, the objective is not to scout for a matching functionality. The intention instead is to prepare creators with necessary understanding of possible hurdles and where they might need extra backing from the CoE.

Getting the most out of this app, however, may not require an organization to have a dedicated Power Platform CoE team. The only necessary requirement is to have an individual with sufficient knowledge of formulating solution appraisal-related questions and providing answers to potential follow-up questions.

To roll out this app to developers as soon as possible is recommended, as it promises to introduce uniformity across all Power Platform solutions in your organization, from license, data, security to usage. For more insights on the CoE Starter Kit and how it can enhance your organization, join us on Apr 6, for a comprehensive deep dive.

With the available training resources and the CoE Starter Kit, mastering solution building has never been easier. Whether you are an organization or an app creator, this tool can be of great help in identifying potential issues, understanding what to consider and where extra aid is needed from the CoE.

As the software development world continuously evolves, keeping up with the latest developer techniques, like the ones offered by CoE Starter Kit, becomes increasingly essential for accelerated growth and success. Therefore, continually improving your skills and solidifying your place in this quick-paced tech world couldn't be more vital than it is today.

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