Optimizing Azure Costs: Breakdown for Enterprises, Divisions, & Projects
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Feb 19, 2023 10:00 PM

Optimizing Azure Costs: Breakdown for Enterprises, Divisions, & Projects

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Optimize enterprise Azure costs by categorizing through cost centers, divisions, and projects.

Calculating the cost of Azure for an enterprise can be a complex task. It requires understanding how different divisions, projects, and cost centers within the organization are using Azure resources. The first step is to identify all of the costs associated with each division, project or cost center that uses Azure services. This includes both one-time setup fees and ongoing monthly usage costs such as compute, storage, networking and support services.

Once these costs are identified it is important to understand how they relate to each other in terms of their impact on overall enterprise spending on cloud services. For example, if one division has high utilization rates while another has low utilization rates then this will have an effect on total cloud spend across the entire enterprise.

Codename Project Bose: Calculate Azure Cost of an Enterprise by cost centers, divisions, projects

“Project Bose is dedicated to an eminent Indian physicist, who predicted (theoretically) a special behavior of atoms, which later became famous as Bose-Einstein condensates. He also discovered a sub-atomic particle, later named after him – Boson. “

Why Project Bose?

  • To replace Azure specific hierarchy of Cost Analysis (Tenant>Management Group>Subscription>Resource Group) with organization specific hierarchy such as Business Unit>Department>Cost Center>Project/Application.
  • Provide an alternative option to mark projects/applications under different divisions/departments – moving away from using resource tags.
  • Flexible way to replicate organizational hierarchy through easy-to-use interface and change/edit the tree vertically or horizontally with minimum effort and no disruption.
  • A great way of presenting ongoing and past expenses on different projects and slice and dice cost at different levels. Optional implementation of forecasting.

Align Azure Cost Analysis to your organizational structure

GitHub - pranabpaul-tech/projectbose: Application portfolio management. This application provides Azure cost breakup at different levels within an organization to make cross charge easier. Also provides some forecast and advice related to cost optimization.