Cloud Email Signatures Solve an Outlook Problem
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Nov 28, 2022 1:00 AM

Cloud Email Signatures Solve an Outlook Problem

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According to Microsoft, the functionality for roaming (or cloud) email signatures is now fully operational. The new strategy resolves an issue with Outlook.

Tony Redmond shows in his blog post on which is the current state of the new feature Outlook roaming signatures. There is still a hiccup and things to consider:

  • Email Signatures Shared between Outlook and OWA But Not a Panacea for Signature Management
  • Set-MailboxMessageConfiguration Remains Broken
  • Roaming Signature Data in User Mailboxes
  • Roaming Signatures Work for OWA
  • Current State of Play

Read the article by Tony Redmond


Microsoft Delays Outlook Roaming Signatures Until October 2022

Your Signature settings are stored in the cloud, so your experience is consistent when you access Outlook for Windows on any computer. This feature has been delayed and will only be available in Beta Channel.

Email signature gallery by Microsoft

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Create an email signature from a template by Microsoft

Using a signature gallery template that is easily accessible, you can design a signature for your email messages. To create your own Outlook signature, just download the template, copy the signature you choose into your email message, and then personalize it.