SharePoint Site Template during Site Creation
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Sep 25, 2023 11:00 AM

SharePoint Site Template during Site Creation

by HubSite 365 about Ami Diamond [MVP]

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Explore how to select SharePoint Site Template pre-creation via Admin Center with our Microsoft expert!

In the YouTube video by tech expert Ami Diamond [MVP], a new SharePoint Site creation process via Admin Center becomes the center of discussion. She details how SharePoint Teams Site or Communication Site creation was reliant on the default Site Template. However, her video introduces the audience to an entirely different, more efficient way of using Site Templates. Contrary to previous usage, one can now select their desired Site Template even before proceeding with the site construction. This new feature facilitates the utilization of not just Microsoft, but also Company site templates for user convenience. Additionally, Diamond takes the viewers through the new look and feel associated with these changes.


  • Previous SharePoint Site creation process was expressed.
  • Introduced new SharePoint Site creation process via Admin Center.
  • Explains the new feature that lets you choose Site Template beforehand.
  • Emphasizes on the added flexibility with Microsoft or Company Site Templates.
  • Gives a walkthrough of the new look and feel associated with the update.


Embracing a New Era of SharePoint Site Creation

SharePoint users are set to experience a significant upgrade that transforms their site creation process. Remember how you struggled with the rigid default Site Template? Well, it's time to kiss those days goodbye! The new feature now allows users to choose their desired Site Template - be it Microsoft or Company - even before creating their site. This move brings in more flexibility and efficiency as we navigate through the constantly evolving digital ecosystem. Accompanying this fresh methodology is an aesthetic facelift that enhances the user interface, offering an engaging new look and feel.

Learn about Choose SharePoint Site Template during Site Creation via Admin Center

In this YouTube video, the author provides a detailed walkthrough of a new feature in SharePoint, focusing on the ability to select a SharePoint Site Template during the creation of a site via the Admin Center. Previously, a default Site Template was automatically applied when setting up a Teams or Communication Site on SharePoint. However, users now have the choice to select a Microsoft or Company Site Template before the site's creation.

The author demonstrates the usability of this new feature and gives viewers a glimpse of the new interface which offers a fresh look and feel. This new functionality simplifies the process and makes it more efficient for users to customise site creation according to their needs from the beginning. It eliminates the former need to apply a different Site Template after a site has been created.

  • Learn more about SharePoint and site creation by exploring Microsoft's official documentation and resources.
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This video proves valuable for users seeking to streamline their SharePoint site creation process and adapt quickly to Microsoft's updated features. Keep up-to-date with such videos to continue improving your understanding of SharePoint's evolving environment.


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