Checkboxes are not only Boolean!? Using Power Apps and Dataverse for MS Teams
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Sep 12, 2023 7:00 PM

Checkboxes are not only Boolean!? Using Power Apps and Dataverse for MS Teams

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This was an idea to display Red, Yellow, Greens, quickly! And that is to use a color-coded Checkbox which normally holds a boolean (Yes/No) value.

Checkboxes are not just Boolean!? They can be used in Power Apps and Dataverse for MS Teams to display Red, Yellow, Greens, quickly! This involves using a color-coded Checkbox, which is typically used to hold a boolean (Yes/No) value, but can be color-coded to display other information.

Though a simple topic, this idea is significant and embodies the principle of KEEPING IT SIMPLE. It is being incorporated in the building process of the Project Management Power App in MS Teams.

  • Introduction
  • Creating new columns in Dataverse for Teams
  • Checkbox Checked Formula
  • Checkbox Fill Color Formula
  • View Only and Project Health Formula Calculation
  • The rationale behind using GYR - Harvard Business Review

Detailed Insights

Power Apps and Dataverse for MS Teams offer robust functionality with checkboxes. While checkboxes traditionally hold Boolean values, these platforms enable users to display a color-coded Checkbox, adding another layer of information. This simplifies the representation of data while maintaining the clarity of information.

The use of this technique to demonstrate project status (Green/Yellow/Red) in the Project Management Power App is a testament to its simplicity and effectiveness. This transformation of a straightforward element into a critical data representation tool is a significant step towards better data visualization.

Furthermore, the flexible checkbox modeling supports a variety of formulas for specific functions such as "Checkbox Checked" and "Checkbox Fill Color". This versatility enhances Power Apps' capabilities and contributes to more efficient project management within MS TEAMS.

This discussion also emphasizes the importance of 'keeping it simple'. It demonstrates that the simplest strategies can often yield the most effective results - a key principle that should be highlighted in the dominant discourse regarding data visualization and project management.

Learn about Checkboxes are not only Boolean!? Using Power Apps and Dataverse for MS Teams

The main topic discusses the innovative idea of utilizing checkboxes beyond their conventional boolean value usage in Power Apps and Dataverse for MS Teams. It introduces the concept of creating a color-coded Checkbox which, rather than just indicating a Yes/No value, can also display color-coded values.


Even though this might seem like a trivial matter, its application is vast, especially in contexts like Project Management Power App. The aim is always to KEEP IT SIMPLE while implementing such complex tasks. A featured YouTube tutorial demonstrates how to create galleries in containers.


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