AI Builder Enhanced Power Apps Chat
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Oct 2, 2023 8:00 PM

AI Builder Enhanced Power Apps Chat

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Discover Kylie Kisers engaging demo on integrating Chat GPT in AI Builder and Power Apps for efficient app-building..

In a seven-minute YouTube video, Kylie Kiser demonstrates how to use Chat GPT, a Natural Language Processing chat bot developed by OpenAI, in AI Builder and Power Apps. She provides a detailed walkthrough in the maker portal where she showcases a pre-built model which auto-generates responses and can perform sentiment analysis tasks.

In the Power Apps domain, Chat GPT helps to fabricate Power Apps more expeditiously and proficiently. The publicly available version of GPT3 is capable of responding to a vast range of questions with precision, creating written content and even scripting multiple types of code. The discussions in the video illustrate how to send and receive data from ChatGPT using Power Apps, without requiring complex instructions or lengthy code snippets.

However, the presenter honestly mentions that incorporating an API connection for ChatGPT into Power Apps might not be as straightforward as expected. In fact, the process includes several steps such as obtaining an API Key, adding the API as a Custom Connector in Power Apps, inputting the Connection String and finally setting up Power Apps Buttons. Detailed insights into these steps are shared in the video.


Chat GPT is an AI tool developed by OpenAI

Chat GPT is an AI tool developed by OpenAI for Natural Language Processing - it’s a chat bot that facilitates communication and contributes to diverse application domains. Its recent integration with Power Apps has shown that it is a robust tool for innovation and productivity.

Microsoft Power Apps and Chat GPT integration aids developers and users, empowering them to create AI-driven applications and services more efficiently. The complexity of implementing Chat GPT into Power Apps might be a hurdle for some, but the array of functionalities it provides makes it worth it. From answering questions to writing code, GPT-3 extends the boundaries of what AI can achieve.

Microsoft seems keen on further integrating with Chat GPT, as witnessed through their developments in their AI Builder suite and other products including Power Apps. The adaptability of Chat GPT in fabricating Power FX formulas, to more complex Power Apps tasks in app development illustrates its wide range of applicability and makes it a reliable tool for tech enthusiasts and developers.

The anticipation for further AI-capabilities injected into software solutions, as shown by Microsoft Build’s announcement of an AI Powered Generate Ideas feature, brings us closer to an AI-driven future. Overall, the synergy between Microsoft and OpenAI's GPT series paints an exciting picture of what lies ahead in the realm of AI-driven app development.

Learn about Chat GPT in AI Builder & Power Apps

The video focuses on the use and integration of Chat GPT in AI Builder and Power Apps. This is a developer focused demonstration by Kylie Kiser that provides a comprehensive tour of the preview functionality of ChatGPT. This advanced AI, Natural Language Processing chat bot is revolutionizing the way we synthesize information into useful results.

Kiser starts off by providing a background on what is AI Builder and how it has pre-equipped with OPENAI model that which, when used correctly, can be highly beneficial. She further explains how they use this pre-built model in the maker portal, providing an auto-generated app that receives responses from OpenAI. Another prime use case mentioned is the offering of sentiment analysis.

  • Chat GPT in AI Builder: The presenter, Kylie Kiser from RSM Canada provides a seven-minute, developer focused demo. She introduces AI Builder and the pre-built OPENAI model.
  • Using Chat GPT with Power Apps: Kiser further explains how you can send and receive data from ChatGPT using Power Apps and explore additional use cases that help to build Power Apps faster and more efficiently.
  • About Chat GPT: Chat GPT is a Natural Language Processing chat bot that uses an advanced AI algorithm to synthesize information. It is capable of answering a wide range of questions and can even generate written content.
  • Microsoft Power Apps and ChatGPT Integration: The integration of ChatGPT to PowerApps is one of the main topics in the video. The presenter explains that it may not be as straightforward as it appears as there are many steps involved, including adding the connection, getting the API string to work, among others.


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