Classwork Resource Management Solution for Teams
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Sep 11, 2023 6:18 PM

Classwork Resource Management Solution for Teams

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Explore Classwork: Microsofts efficient curriculum management solution in Teams for Education, your new one-stop shop!

Microsoft has recently introduced Classwork - a new curriculum management app in Teams for Education, set to launch in June. Classwork, designed to enhance the lesson planning process and the organization of class resources, provides a comprehensive solution for consolidating resources like Assignments, OneNote Class Notebook pages, web links, files, and Teams channels. In addition to this, users will benefit from a consolidated view of content and other essential resources.

The Classwork app allows educators to create modules of study, organize them by topics or weeks, and provides the ability to add descriptions. These modules will not be revealed to students until educators choose to publish them. Resources, both existing ones and the newly created ones, can easily be added to these modules. Deciding when to publish materials is at the teachers’ discretion, ensuring students receive necessary resources in a timely and organized manner. Teachers have the capability to pin the most important modules that make it simpler for students to access relevant class content.

The Classwork app also plans to incorporate reusability features allowing teachers to use materials created previously, thus saving time and making class resource management more effective. The design embodies convenience and efficiency, aiming to make teaching through Teams more productive and enjoyable.

Key Points to Remember

  • Classwork: a one-stop solution within Teams for Education, combining all class resources in one place.
  • It allows educators to create and organize modules, which can be released to students at appropriate times.
  • Resources can be added to these modules, providing a structured layout for managing class content.
  • A reusability feature is projected to be added, enabling materials to be reused from previous courses.
  • Classwork aims to make teaching in Teams more streamlined, efficient, and enjoyable.


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Learn about Centralized Class Resource Management Solution - Teams Classwork

Microsoft introduces a centralized class resource management solution, Classwork, an app available through Teams for Education starting in June. The app aims to streamline lesson planning and organize class resources effectively. With Classwork, educators can create and arrange resources such as Assignments, OneNote Class Notebook pages, web links, files, and Teams channels, allowing both teachers and students to find what they need easily instead of navigating across multiple platforms.

Classwork provides the ability to create structured modules of study to manage your course, organized by topics or weeks, complete with descriptions. Additionally, these modules remain invisible to students until they are published, creating a streamlined experience tailored to the student's needs.

  • Adding an Assignment to a module is an easy process: educators can create a new assignment directly from Classwork or add one that's been previously created.
  • Creating a module and adding descriptions helps to organize your class efficiently.
  • Classwork allows educators to drag and drop content within the modules, customizing how students will visualize it.
  • Once resources are well-arranged within the modules, educators can publish them, ensuring students are well-informed of the materials they need to study.

A promising application, Classwork, within Teams for Education, looks to set new standards of educational resource management, simplifying the complex process of managing educational materials and delivering a more efficient system.


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