Centralize eLearning with FREE Microsoft Viva Learning
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Jan 16, 2023 8:00 AM

Centralize eLearning with FREE Microsoft Viva Learning

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Microsoft 365 atWork; Senior Digital Advisor at Predica Group

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Consider using Free Version of Microsoft Viva Learning as a centralized e-learning platform in your organization. Aggregate your training materials in one

About Video Learning

Microsoft Viva Learning is a free eLearning platform that makes it easy for organizations to centralize their learning materials and resources. It enables companies to create, organize, and share content from multiple sources in one convenient location. With Microsoft Viva Learning, employees can access learning resources quickly and easily directly from the Teams app or any web browser. The platform also provides analytics tools so organizations can measure employee engagement with online training materials. Additionally, Viva Learning integrates with other Microsoft services such as Office 365 Education, Dynamics 365 Human Resources, SharePoint Online and more – making it easier than ever for businesses to get the most out of their eLearning efforts.

In this Video

  • 00:00 - Title
  • 00:11 - Introduction
  • 01:32 - What Viva Learning app is?
  • 03:01 - Microsoft Viva Learning Free limitations
  • 06:14 - Setup Free Viva Learning - Create SharePoint site
  • 07:22 - Setup Free Viva Learning - Configure Viva Learning
  • 10:15 - Setup Free Viva Learning - Set up data repository and metadata
  • 16:04 - Setup Free Viva Learning - Grant access to trainings
  • 18:18 - Use Microsoft Viva Learning app in Teams
  • 21:42 - Conclusion
  • 22:44 - Outro

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Questions and Answers about Microsoft Viva

  • Is Microsoft Viva connections free?
    Viva Connections is free! Viva Connections is available to all Microsoft 365 customers as part of any existing Microsoft 365 and SharePoint Online license. If a user has access to SharePoint Online, then Viva Connections will be accessible at no additional costs.
  • How do you implement Viva learning?
    Viva Learning is enabled by default for all Microsoft Teams users in your organization....Set up Viva Learning