Canvas built-in offline is now just one click away!
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Sep 19, 2023 2:00 PM

Canvas built-in offline is now just one click away!

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We are pleased to announce the Public preview of mobile offline for canvas apps on iOS, Android and Windows devices. Mobile offline has been available in Experi

Mobile offline for canvas apps is now available for public preview! This was previously only available in experimental preview since May 2023, but following user feedback, it's now the default feature for Power Apps makers.

This preview allows Dataverse data to be available offline with just a simple switch. Developers can simply build their app using normal Power Fx formulas, and the offline feature will handle the complexity.

Creating an app with data available offline is easy – just enable the offline feature in the general settings in Power Apps Studio. Once enabled, an offline-enabled Power App will download all necessary data from the server using an offline profile. These profiles are a set of filters and restrictions on data your app loads onto users' mobile devices. But there is no need to worry, as an auto-generated mode for simple apps is also available!
  • Canvas offline apps are easy
  • You can build complex offline apps using custom offline profiles
  • You don't have to think about it with auto-generated mode

Once the data is downloaded, the offline enabled canvas app works in an offline first approach. The app reads and writes data to a local store on the device regardless of network availability. Changes on the server and on your app are synchronized automatically in the background when the network becomes available.

Yet, there are some limitations. Dataverse Files and Images are not supported for this feature but the feature will likely support these in the near future. Non-Dataverse connectors like Sharepoint are not supported in offline. Power Apps developers can toggle the canvas offline feature in the Power Apps Studio.

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The main topic of the text emphasizes the introduction of the new Public preview of mobile offline feature for canvas apps on iOS, Android and Windows devices. This feature, previously available in Experimental Preview since May 2023, has now become accessible by default for Power Apps makers. Users can make their Dataverse data available offline in the app by simply flipping a switch. The app allows downloading all necessary data from the server on the device. The system uses an offline profile, which is a set of filters and restrictions on the app data loaded on mobile devices. This feature makes it easy to build complex offline apps using customized offline profiles. An auto-generated mode is also introduced for simple apps designed for small to medium-sized data sets.

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Canvas built-in offline is now just one click away!
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