Can Power Apps look like modern applications?
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Jul 31, 2023 9:00 AM

Can Power Apps look like modern applications?

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Revealing AuraHome, my new smart home

Power Apps can indeed resemble modern applications. LowCode is often derided for its perceived lack of aesthetic appeal, but the AuraHome smart home Canvas app dispels those criticisms. It's not merely a design prototype, but a fully operational application that boasts many features. These include integrated modern design, crafted straight from an apartment floor plan, inline HTML and CSS, and SVG animations.

Moreover, Power Apps can interact with various APIs using custom connectors and Power Automate. This specific Canvas app can connect with APIs including the Samsung Tizen API for television authentication, the Govee Home API for monitoring home temperature, Govee Lights API for lighting control, Alexa Skills API for managing reminders, Spotify API to display what's currently playing, and the OpenWeather API for weather updates.

A suitable hosting device is yet to be determined for this app. The developer is also preparing an interactive course providing instructions on how to produce similar beautiful applications, animation integration, and API connections. The course is set for launch soon. Furthermore, the developer will be presenting at several events during summer and autumn.

Expanding on the Main Topic

This project showcases how Power Apps can be utilized to create functional, visually appealing applications through the LowCode platform. The AuraHome smart home Canvas app disproves preconceptions of LowCode's shortcomings in the design department through its contemporary layout and impressive array of features.

Aside from its slick modern design and SVG animations, the app demonstrates remarkable versatility by connecting various APIs to provide a range of services. This work emphasizes the potential of Power Apps and LowCode as invaluable tools for creating efficient, highly interactive, and aesthetically pleasing applications.


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Power Apps is a Microsoft tool used to create modern applications without the need for complex coding. It enables developers to create applications quickly and easily using low code tools and features such as Canvas Apps and Power Automate. The AuraHome example demonstrates the potential of Power Apps to create sleek and modern looking applications. It includes a modern design, an apartment floor plan created using Midjourney, HTML and CSS for styling, and SVG animations for extra sparkle. Furthermore, it connects to 6 different APIs, such as the Samsung Tizen API for TV state, Govee Home API for home temperature, and the Alexa Skills API for reminders. Power Apps also makes it easy to create powerful and interactive applications. In addition to the low code tools, it also allows developers to use custom connectors and Power Automate to connect to external APIs. To learn how to build beautiful applications, animations, and connect to APIs, developers can look out for an interactive course launching soon. Furthermore, developers can also attend events such as the Scottish Summit to learn more about Power Apps.

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