Microsoft Teams Call Center Setup & Analytics
Apr 9, 2024 12:30 AM

Microsoft Teams Call Center Setup & Analytics

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Unlock Insights: Setup & Use Microsoft Teams Call Center Reports for Agent Performance & More

Key insights


  • Call Center Reports on Microsoft Teams are essential for business success and retaining top agent talent.
  • Gain valuable insights into customer usage and agent performance.
  • Shervin Shaffie, Principal Technical Specialist at Microsoft, guides on setup, access, and utilization of these reports.
  • Understand aspects like Agent Performance and Abandoned Calls.
  • These reports are designed to improve the overall experience for both customers and agents.

Enhancing Call Center Operations with Microsoft Teams Reports

Microsoft Teams has become an indispensable tool not just for communication and collaboration within organizations but also for enhancing call center operations. The introduction of Call Center Reports within Microsoft Teams represents a significant step forward in managing and optimizing such operations. This capability provides unprecedented insights into how customers interact with your call center and the performance of your agents.

The ability to access detailed reports on Agent Performance and track metrics like Abandoned Calls allows managers to make informed decisions to improve service quality. With the guidance of Shervin Shaffie, a Principal Technical Specialist at Microsoft, setting up and using these reports is straightforward, enabling businesses to swiftly adapt and fine-tune their customer service strategies.

In this informative you_tube_video, Shervin Shaffie, a leading technical specialist at Microsoft, presents an essential guide on setting up and utilizing reports for your Microsoft Call Center. Insights on agent performance and customer engagement are crucial for the growth of your business and maintaining high-performing team members. Shaffie delves into the significance of these reports in maximizing efficiency and ensuring customer satisfaction.



People also ask

How do I get call reports in Microsoft Teams?

To generate call reports in Microsoft Teams, navigate to the Analytics & reports section within the Microsoft Teams admin center, then select Usage reports from the View reports tab. Here, you can choose PSTN and SMS (preview) usage under the Report category. For the Date range, you have the option to select either a predefined span of 7 or 28 days or specify a custom range. After setting your preferences, click on Run report to initiate the generation of the report.

Can Microsoft Teams do call center?

Indeed, Microsoft Teams offers the capability to host a full-fledged call center environment. This is achievable through the platform's direct routing feature, which, when leveraged with the assistance of a proficient service provider, enables the establishment of a comprehensive contact center directly within Microsoft Teams.

Can Microsoft Teams create reports?

Microsoft Teams facilitates the creation of automatic reports through the installation of a dedicated app. Once installed, this app can be pinned to the Teams navigation pane for easy access. To initiate report creation, navigate to the Create tab, where you have the option to either paste data directly or input it manually, which then forwards you to the Power BI service on your browser for further processing.

How do you set up Teams for calls?

The setup process for enabling call functionality in Teams is structured into a series of steps, each linked to detailed instructions for comprehensive guidance.



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