Calendly vs Microsoft Bookings - Which should you choose?
Jul 30, 2023 5:30 AM

Calendly vs Microsoft Bookings - Which should you choose?

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Microsoft Bookings and Calendly are two of the most popular meeting scheduling automation apps in the market today. Microsoft Bookings is a built-in feature of Microsoft 365, while Calendly is fully integrated with Microsoft 365 calendars. This raises questions such as which of the two should you use? Are there any significant differences between the two? If there are differences, is it worth it to pay for Calendly when you have Microsoft Bookings by default with Microsoft 365? If so, who should be the target buyers?

Microsoft Bookings vs Calendly

Microsoft Bookings and Calendly are two very popular meeting scheduling automation apps. The former is included with Microsoft 365, while the latter fully integrates with Microsoft 365 calendars.

Deciding Between the Two

Choosing between these two depends on your needs, budget, and the specifics of your scheduling. One might ask whether it's worth paying for Calendly when bookings is already part of the Microsoft 365 package. 



Understanding the basics of these two apps and what they do.

What are Calendly and Bookings?

Exploring what each of these two scheduling tools is and what they offer.


Comparing the costs of using each of these tools.

Basic Meeting Management

Looking at how each tool manages meetings at a basic level.

Customization Options

Exploring the different ways you can customize each tool to suit your needs.


Examining what other tools and apps each scheduling tool integrates with.

Which is Best?

A final comparison to decide which of the two is the superior tool. 

Please note that the Calendly logo is owned by Calendly and the Bookings logo is owned by Microsoft, they were used for informational purposes only.

A Closer Look at Microsoft Bookings and Calendly

The choice between Microsoft Bookings and Calendly will largely depend on the user's specific needs and requirements. Those already using Microsoft 365 might find Bookings more convenient due to its integrated nature. On the other hand, those looking for wide-ranging compatibility with different calendar apps might find Calendly more useful. It’s also important to note differences in pricing - Microsoft Bookings comes with Microsoft 365 subscription, while Calendly comes with its own subscription cost.

Learn about Calendly vs Microsoft Bookings - Which should you choose?


When it comes to choosing between Calendly and Microsoft Bookings, there are a few key differences to consider. Microsoft Bookings is built into Microsoft 365, while Calendly is completely integrated with users' Microsoft 365 calendars. Microsoft Bookings is generally free with the purchase of Microsoft 365, while Calendly offers a few different packages with varying levels of features and pricing. Microsoft Bookings is designed to work with customers who already have an existing Microsoft 365 account, while Calendly is designed to work with customers who use a variety of different applications. Both apps offer the ability to schedule meetings, but Calendly offers a few more features, such as the ability to add custom fields to meetings, the ability to customize notifications, and the ability to track the number of scheduled meetings. Both apps also allow users to customize their booking pages with images, logos, and other branding elements. Ultimately, the choice between Calendly and Microsoft Bookings depends on the user's needs and budget.


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