MS Forms & Power BI Integration via Power Automate Business
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Sep 18, 2023 8:10 AM

MS Forms & Power BI Integration via Power Automate Business

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Elevate your Microsoft resource management with our updated guide on Power Automate Business Integration. Learn to connect MS Forms to Power BI and MS Teams eff

Power Automate Business Integration: Utilizing MS Forms & Power BI with MS Teams

“HubSite Power BI Team” elaborates on the practical integration of different Microsoft tools such as MS Forms and Power BI into MS Teams in their recent YouTube facilitate seamless team collaboration. Featured in their output are advanced insights into creating a comprehensive data flowchart and a meticulous breakdown of the process with an MS Teams flowchart.

The approach they propose involves the strategic creation of a Group Form in MS Forms through the 'Forms for Excel' feature available in SharePoint. Here the private survey ownership on MS forms for Power BI is maintained even with several access points to the SharePoint Group in which this Form is created.

In their tutorial, they outline a six-step process on how to efficiently use Microsoft tools to simplify and optimize data handling and teamwork.

  • Your initial step must be creating an MS Form for the survey.
  • Your second undertaking is the development of a SharePoint list purely for the housing of the survey data.
  • Create a Streaming Dataset in Power BI Service as your third procedure.
  • In step four, you'll build a Flow to automate data importation.
  • Next, in step five, you would craft a Report in Power BI Desktop.
  • The final step allows you to Share and promote collaboration within Teams.

The compilation of these YouTube tutorials remains fully accessible, even amidst community health challenges, as seen in the transition of the Calgary Power Platform User Group’s meetings to a virtual medium in April 2020.

This group's primary concern was maintaining high engagement levels with members. Thus, they adopted the inclusion of polls for interactive purposes and to gain crucial audience feedback. The polls not only boosted audience retention but also played a fundamental role in the collection of direct feedback for managing the user group and future topics.

The team leveraged MS Forms tool for data collection and Power BI for survey results visualization, especially with real-time data updating capabilities. Since MS Forms didn’t have a direct connection to Power BI, they used Power Automate to solve this hurdle by automating the data import process from MS Forms to Power BI. Along with SharePoint list’s assistance, they managed to keep a master record of all the collected data.

Power BI Desktop was used in creating the report by connecting to the streaming dataset, and on its completion, the report was linked up to the relevant channel on MS Teams for convenience and ease in access.

The YouTube video ended with a call to action inviting viewers to the Iteration Insights for the enhancement of their Power BI experience ranging from professional training to solution delivery. This source was an incredibly insightful resource for businesses seeking to refine their Power BI experience and, at the same time, foster a collaborative culture in their teams using popular Microsoft tools such as MS Forms and Power BI in MS Teams.

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Learn about Power Automate Business Integration: Connecting MS Forms & Power BI

Studying the integration of Power Automate and other Microsoft services, in particular relating to business, is an enriching venture. Here we will delve into a YouTube tutorial with a focus on connecting MS Forms and Power BI through MS Teams, creating a streamlined flowchart for business processes.


This procedure utilizes Group Form, an attribute of MS Forms, generated via the Forms for Excel tool found in SharePoint. Consequently, everyone who has rights to the SharePoint Group, where the Form is produced, can access the responses in the Excel file.

Suppose you're pondering on linking a private MS Forms survey to Power BI. In that case, the subsequent procedures provided offer a detailed guide. Integrating MS Forms with Power BI is a significant step for business data organization.

One possible solution to the lack of a direct connector between MS Forms and Power BI is to employ the process automation service to import data automatically. This process can enable real-time updates, keeping your data fresh and accessible.

The detailed steps show how to initially collate your survey data using MS Forms, then use the automation service for conveying data. One thing to note is that along with a streaming data set, you may also need a SharePoint list to maintain a primary record store of the collected data.

After that's done, you create a report in Power BI Desktop by connecting to the dataset. Remember to connect it to the appropriate channel within MS Teams upon the report's completion to ensure seamless business communication.

The guide then further details each step in a more practical way. For instance, consider Step 1 – Creating a survey in MS Forms. It demonstrates how you can make a survey, including how to create and manage questions.

Incorporating SharePoint into this process to store survey data, as explained in Step 2, is also a pivotal step. The guide provides precise instructions on setting up a Sharepoint list that aligns to your MS Forms survey's needs.

The next phase – Creating a Streaming Dataset in Power BI Service – is vital in making it possible for Power BI to process the information gathered from your survey. It includes steps like locating the workspace, selecting the source of data, and crafting the new streaming dataset.

Finally, using the automation tool to generate a flow – a sequence of steps a program follows – that populates your SharePoint List and streaming dataset with data, as detailed in Step 4, can support your business operation in profound ways. The guide presents an uncomplicated method on how to build this flow from scratch.



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