Bulk Enabling Service Health Alerts for ALL Your Subscriptions
Aug 2, 2023 5:00 PM

Bulk Enabling Service Health Alerts for ALL Your Subscriptions

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Options for bulk enabling Service Health alerts for the subscriptions in your organization using policy or script. REMEMBER - Whatever approach you use start sm

This guide explores the options for bulk enabling Service Health alerts for all your subscriptions in your organization using either policy or script. You're advised to start small by targeting a few subscriptions, ensuring everything is working as expected before expanding the application slowly. The document even suggests automating the execution using Azure Function for periodic updates once confidence is gained.

Chapter-wise discussions are provided including topics like Roles on subscriptions, Using Azure Policy DINE, Using ARM role in action group, Working with groups, Updating the action group, etc.

Deep Dive into Bulk Enabling Service Health Alerts

Bulk enabling Service Health alerts stands as an effective means to monitor the performance and health of your subscriptions within your organization. Utilizing either policy or script-based approaches, this process allows for comprehensive coverage and management. Starting small is key, employ strategies on a smaller scale and gradually expanding ensures optimal performance. Automating tasks further allows for timely updates, enhancing efficiency. Understanding roles and leveraging them in action groups can ensure smooth operations. As such, using resources like example scripts, Azure learning paths, and weekly updates can provide valuable aid in this process.

Learn about Bulk Enabling Service Health Alerts for ALL Your Subscriptions


Microsoft provides options for bulk enabling Service Health alerts for the subscriptions in an organization. This can be done using policy or script. It is important to start small and gain confidence in the approach before expanding its application. A script can be automated using Azure Functions to update periodically. Service Health alerts can be enabled on a subscription level using Azure Policy or ARM role in action group. Working with groups is also a solution. Resources created must be updated in the action group.


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