Building a SharePoint New Site Form Look-Alike
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Jun 29, 2023 9:00 AM

Building a SharePoint New Site Form Look-Alike

by HubSite 365 about Martin Lingstuyl [MVP] (Home on Blimped)

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Allowing users to create new sites is a common scenario in SharePoint. And yet, a lot of organizations disable self-service site creation for users.

In this blog post, Martin Lingstuyl demonstrates how to create a custom form in SharePoint that allows users to request the creation of new sites, resembling the default SharePoint new site form. The procedure relies on SharePoint Framework Form Customizers, the Dynamic Form control, and some field overrides. Lingstuyl first discusses how to set up a simple SharePoint list with key fields like Site name, URL, and GroupMailbox.
He then explains how to use a Form Customizer and Dynamic Form to create a basic functional form for new items and existing ones. He gives examples of how to install the PnP SPFx react controls, render the list form, and implement field overrides. The post provides sample code for these tasks.
Lingstuyl also touches on the use of React state for manipulating list item data during load and save operations. Finally, he describes how to verify the availability of site URL and group alias by leveraging certain SharePoint API endpoints.

Throughout the article, he highlights the power of the Dynamic Form control for creating and extending custom forms with ease and flexibility. The author's code has been submitted to the SPFx extensions samples repository for readers interested in a deeper understanding.

  • Users are allowed to create new sites in SharePoint.
  • A lot of organizations disable self-service site creation rights for users.
  • The aim is to control the creation of new sites possibly by using a custom form.
  • The custom form allows users to request for the creation of a new site.
  • There are approval processes put in place to regulate this.
  • The post provides information on how to get started on this process.

Elaborate Details on SharePoint Site Creation Control

The SharePoint New Site Form Look-Alike is an ideal solution for organizations to efficiently manage site creations. The process offers more control and streamlines site creation by disabling self-service site creation. It replaces this feature with a custom form for site requests. The form includes approval processes as well, ensuring a methodical and systematic approach to site creation. Therefore, the solution lends more power to the organizations, while granting the users a level of access within a regulated framework.


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The scenario presented is that of organizations who wish to control the creation of new sites, instead of allowing users to do it themselves. To achieve this, a custom form can be created which allows users to request a new site, with approval processes in place. This post provides insights into how to get started with this process. It covers topics such as creating a SharePoint new site form look-alike, setting up approval processes and linking the form to existing sites. Furthermore, it provides guidance on the necessary coding and JavaScript that needs to be implemented. Finally, it also looks at the importance of testing the form and making it available to users.


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